Coffee Groups now available nationwide!

We believe sleep is important physiologically for both mothers and children.

Everyone has the right to restorative sleep and we love helping parents to achieve it.

Have the baby sleep consultant come to you to discuss babies sleep and answer all your burning questions on sleep.

Coffee Groups now available nationwide!

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Coffee Group talks are usually around 60-90 minutes long and there are 4 different sessions to choose from:
0-4 Months Old
Topic covered:
  • The truth behind the 5 common myths regarding newborn sleep mother’s get told.
  • Guaranteed gentle ways to settle your newborn to sleep.
  • Age appropriate nap schedules and awake windows.
  • When will your baby sleep through the night?
  • How to teach your baby to sleep through the night, and loads more
3-6 Months Old
Topic covered:
  • Sleep props
  • Sleep cycle changes around 4/5 months
  • Good sleep associations
  • Solids and their affect on sleep
  • Early morning wake ups
  • Teaching your baby to sleep through
  • Settling techniques
  • Age appropriate nap schedules
  • Swaddling how and when to stop
  • Movement and the affect on sleep
  • Teething and its affect on sleep
6-12 Months Old
Topic covered:
  • Standing in the cot
  • Crawling in the cot
  • Safety sleeps
  • Dummies
  • Dropping a nap
  • Nap schedules
  • Solids
  • Sleep training methods
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Developmental milestones
  • Bed sharing – cot sleeping
Toddler Sleep
Topic covered:
  • The secret of the 4 R’s!
  • Role play
  • Silent returns
  • Rules
  • Rewards
  • Solve all your toddler issues
  • Diet and foods which affect toddler sleep
  • Toddlers and nap
  • Dropping day naps
  • Be your own toddler whisperer – find out why your toddler won’t sleep through the night
We can help you regardless of your situation or parenting style, you will leave your sleep talk feeling educated, empowered and ready to make positive changes toward healthy sleep in your house.


$25 per mum (Dads welcome to come along for free!)

Coffee Group talks are also available to parent centre groups, SPACE groups and Plunket groups.

There is a minimum of 6 mums required to book in a session.

For large groups & organisations, please enquire for pricing. * Additional petrol charges may apply for some areas.

Enquire Today About Our Coffee Groups

"Thank you for attending our coffee group on Tuesday. I have been trying your techniques for the last 3 days and Ruby is finally taking naps longer than 30 minutes."


"I decided to try all your tricks and my newborn slept for 3 hours – her first nap more than 20 minutes long since she was born! I can’t thank you enough."


"Your coffee group talk was just what I needed – I was confused about whether or not to keep swaddling Eden, your explanation was perfect. It has been 2 weeks now and she is un-swaddled and sleeping all night"


"My coffee group was very impressed with your wealth of knowledge – we will definitely be getting you back for the older baby talk in the future thank you."