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93% of our clients tell us they're happier, better parents after sleep training.

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Baby Sleep Consultant

At Baby Sleep Consultant our sole purpose is to solve the sleep challenges of babies and toddlers. Our paediatric solutions are backed by scientific research, and 90% of sleep challenges can be resolved within 10 days.

Over the last 12 years, we've refined these techniques based on the experience we've gained from helping more than 150,000 babies. That’s a lot of babies - and a lot of experience to draw on!

Yet, it’s not just the science that makes our programs and consults so successful. Our expertise is grounded in extensive training, 12 + years of experience, and a team of 100% certified professionals who have helped thousands of parents like you overcome sleep challenges big and small.

No matter how hopeless your situation feels, we are certain we can help you get the sleep you deserve.

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Which Sleep Solution Is Right For You?

Whatever sleep issues you're grappling with, from minor frustrations through to full on sleep deprivation, we have a solution. You can choose from online sleep training programs with free email support, to phone/virtual or in-home consultations. 

Or perhaps you’re interested in becoming a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant? Our accredited Baby Sleep Consultant training program is delivered by qualified teachers, psychologists, nurses, professors and lactation consultants; and backed by one-on-one mentoring.

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Not sure where to start on your journey to better sleep?

Sleep is something many of us take for granted, until it no longer comes easy! The science of sleep is much more complex than we realise. But when you’re time-poor and sleep deprived, how do you suddenly become an expert in it? That’s where we come in.

Our certified Baby Sleep Consultants are trained to provide solutions to a wide range of sleep challenges. There isn’t a problem we haven’t solved time and time again.

It all starts with a conversation. To learn more about our programs and which one is right for you, book a FREE 15 minute discovery call today.

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Founder of Baby Sleep Consultant

Why You Should Use A Baby Sleep Consultant

  • A Science-Based Approach To Sleep
  • Evidence-Based Solutions
  • Tried and True Techniques
  • Trusted By Over 100,000 Parents
  • Over 10 Years of Development and Fine-Tuning
  • 93% Of Parents Report Better Sleep In 10 Days
  • 80% Of Parents Report Better Sleep In 7 Days
  • Gentle Sleep Solutions - You Don’t Have To Cry It Out!
  • Solutions For All Sleep Challenges
  • Online, Phone and In-Home Options
  • Online Programs From $47
  • Tailored Programs From $199
  • In-Home Consultations From $349
  • IICT Approved Training Provider (Australia)
  • Australia and New Zealand Wide Consultants
  • International Consultations Available


"I highly recommend Baby Sleep Consultant for sorting our 10 month's old sleep. We did the 2 week phone consult with Kirsty and it was amazing, we went from 2 wake ups a night and me having to breast feed or rock to sleep with him sleeping 12 hours overnight with no waking. We also gained a much better daytime routine."

Jacenta – Nov 2022 –

“Highly recommend getting a sleep consultant for all those tired mum, dads & babies. Having a plan & support gave us the confidence we needed to commit. Our consultant Sam was very knowledgeable & helpful - she listened to our requests and tailored her advice accordingly. Getting sleep is an absolute game-changer for the whole family.”

Belinda – Nov 2022 –

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