3 - 8 Months Online Sleep Program

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Do you feel like you’re up all night, or your baby won't nap in their cot? Are your babies short naps driving you crazy?

You’re not alone. Many parents feel like they can never get their baby to sleep for a decent stretch of time. But what if there was a program that could help you achieve just that?

We have helped over 100,000 families get the sleep they need and we can do the same for you. Our easy-to-follow program contains tips and techniques to solve all kinds of sleeping problems. Packed with:

  • Cat napping solutions
  • Self settling strategies
  • Plans for longer night sleeps
  • Advice on starting solids

Learn what techniques work best for your baby's temperament, establish baby friendly routines to support better nights, and gain confidence as a parent.

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What’s Included

Move beyond the newborn months, start to work on self settling, sleeping through the night, and better naps. Set up a consistent routine, stop the cat napping, and understand the relationship between solids and sleep in this important time. Here’s what’s included!

Create a successful nap routine

  • Get the best sleep and feeding routines based on extensive research
  • Stop cat napping once and for all with my cat napping solution
  • Find out how naps support nights instead of robbing nights
  • Learn about sleep hormones and their impact on day sleep
    Establish longer nights
  • Learn how to transition from multiple night feeds to no night feeds
  • Access sleeping through the night plans
  • Gently set up bedtime routines to support longer nights
  • Stop rocking, patting, holding, bouncing to sleep all night
  • Teach your baby to self-settle and sleep through the night
    Learn about self settling
  • Be familiar with your parenting style and how this impacts how you parent
  • Take the quiz to understand your child's temperament
  • Find the best self settling strategy based on your child's temperament

Understand your baby, and gain confidence as a parent

  • Learn about biological sleep windows
  • Understand the hierarchy of soothing, from holding, feeling, and rocking until they can fall asleep on their own
  • Learn about crying as communication, and secure attachment
  • Understand developmental leaps and sleep regressions, plus how to navigate these

Understand the role of feeding in establishing healthy sleep patterns

  • Understand the effect of solids on sleep
  • Understand the importance of protein and carbohydrates on sleep
  • Know which foods to avoid for a good night sleep
  • Follow a milk and solid plan designed to support a good night's sleep

PLUS - you get free, private email support from our team of sleep consultants. You'll never be wondering or confused about your baby’s sleep again.

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Free Email Support

When you choose our online sleep program, you will not only receive valuable guidance and resources, but also access to our team of experienced sleep consultants who will provide complimentary, exclusive email support. When implementing sleep changes, email support is crucial to your success and ensures you stay on track.

We can provide expert advice whenever you find yourself unsure of your next steps to improve your sleep. Whether you need assistance with tweaking routines for busy parents or simply want to check if your current strategies are effective, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our goal is to support you on your journey to better sleep.

We at Baby Sleep Consultants are here to help you and your baby get the sleep you need.

Unlock Years Of Experience

Hundreds of thousands of parents count on our sleep research and years of experience to help their families sleep better. Our comprehensive programs were developed with the help of paediatric nurses, IBCLCs, reflux experts, early childhood teachers, psychology experts, and mothers just like you with personalised support from our team.

Using gentle, yet proven mainstream strategies, our online program helps you teach your baby to sleep through the night. With a focus on science and evidence-based advice, you'll have immediate access to more than 100 pages of guidance, structured routines, strategies, plans, self-settling solutions, and troubleshooting for everything related to baby sleep.

You don't need to worry if you're uncomfortable with the "cry it out" method, or you feel overwhelmed by your sleep situation. Our sleep programs offer gentle options to settle your child in a way that aligns with their sleep temperament and your parenting style.

To access your online sleep program instantly and receive free support via email, simply choose the right program for your baby's age and purchase. Experience better sleep, increased confidence, practical sleep plans, and easier parenting!


How long will it take for my program to arrive?

You will have immediate access to your program once you purchase it.

Is your method going to work for my child?

It is true that your child is unique and individual, but there are not as many sleep challenges as there are children. Most children suffer from the same sleep problems. As our approach is based on the latest science of sleep and all of our solutions are evidence-based, families will see results as long as they implement suggested changes appropriately.

Positive changes to a child's sleep are possible even when he or she has a serious illness, a brain injury or is suffering from a parent's addiction.

Will I have to leave my baby to cry it out?

With our tried and tested 'no cry' solutions, your baby or toddler can learn how to sleep independently without crying it out. Sleep training, however, isn't always without tears. You can expect your baby to cry during sleep training if they have some deep-rooted sleep associations or if they are wilful. However, you don't have to leave your baby crying alone in their cot – our consultants can help you figure out how to do it in a way that works for you and your baby.

Doesn't sleep deprivation come with being a parent?

It is a common misconception that sleep deprivation is a rite of passage to becoming a parent, but it is not.

Countless families are experiencing hardships, and when you're exhausted, it's hard to be a good parent, let alone maintain your relationships or function well at work. Sleep is absolutely essential for our health and wellbeing, so make sure your family gets the sleep they need with a few simple and sustainable tweaks.

In the past, it took a village to raise a child, but it's now uncommon for an extended family to raise children at the same time. When traditional support networks are unavailable, Baby Sleep Consultants provide guidance and reassurance in an overwhelming sea of information.

What are the effects of sleep deprivation on health and wellbeing?

The importance of sleep to our health and wellbeing is widely acknowledged, yet it doesn't receive the same attention and energy as food. Despite the fact that sleep research continues, we now know more about its nature than ever before.

The World Health Organization (WHO) released official guidelines in 2016 regarding children's sleep needs and how they relate to obesity, proving once again that sleep plays a significant role in our wellbeing and that its impact on our health starts from an early age.

Is your approach influenced by the science of sleep?

As Registered Training Providers, we train sleep consultants from all over the world. Our sleep science solutions are based on the latest sleep science research and developments.

We know there's no magic bullet to solving sleep challenges. The families we work with achieve incredible results, but they're also committed to the process.

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Certified Sleep Consultant