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Join the Baby Sleep Consultant Membership to gain access to all the parenting experts you'll ever need in one place.

We've joined forces with parent coaches, body confidence experts, clinical psychologist's, teachers, authors, and of course Team Baby Sleep Consultant to bring you the solutions to all your parenting problems.

Try our Baby Sleep Membership program for two weeks for $1. After 15 days it renews at $7 per week. Billed Monthly. One trail per family, not per email address. 

Sleep video content covering every major and minor question about your baby or toddlers sleep covered. All the "How to's" from swaddling and settling, to sleep training, dropping night feeds, fixing cat napping, solving early wakes and more. Parenting coaches deliver the goods on how to teach your toddlers to listen, what to do when they don't, and understanding how their clever brains work. Never seen before content unlocked here. Easy to digest, short videos, simple to download workbooks, and case studies. Got a question about sleep or parenting? We have the answer!
Videos, workbooks, infographics, articles and case studies on babies and toddlers from newborn to 5 years! Plus video content from parent coach and author, Diane Levy, teach and parenting consultant Kirsty Foster, Clinical pyschologist Dr Sarah Bell Booth and body confidence parenting coach and author Emma wright.
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Need help with your baby’s sleep?

Instant online sleep programs, complete with FREE email support. Designed for busy mums who are ready for better sleep!

Don’t worry, if you are not keen on ‘cry it out’ and get overwhelmed thinking about your sleep situation, you’re not alone…

Our sleep programs are designed to give you gentle options around settling that suit your child’s sleep temperament and your parenting style.

100,000 parents rely on our sleep research and years of experience to help them and their families sleep better

After working one on one with over 100,000 parents just like you, we consulted with paediatric nurses, IBCLC, reflux experts, early childhood teachers, psychology experts and mothers just like you!

Our online program will give you plans to teach you baby to sleep through the night, with both gentle and mainstream PROVEN strategies.

With our focus on science and evidence based advice, you’ll have INSTANT access to over 100 pages of guidance, structure, routines, strategies, plans, self settling solutions and troubleshooting on ALL things baby sleep.

For instant access to your online sleep program and our FREE email help desk for all your questions, just choose your babies age, and purchase so you can finally experience better sleep, more confidence, practical sleep plans and easier parenting!

Check your emails, get reading, and email us all your questions in a private and confidential manner.

Baby Sleep Consultants are here to help you and your baby get the sleep you deserve.


Hi! I am Emma Purdue

Certified Sleep Consultant

“Cara from Baby Sleep Consultant was SUCH a welcomed relief to our sleep problems. We used gentle hands off sleep training to assist our 4 month old to self settle - within a week he was going down without much if any crying! Cara was calm, gentle and reassuring - I would definitely recommend getting in touch if you’re struggling with sleep.”

Hannah – May 2022–