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Our experts answer your frequently asked questions here.

What is your approach like?

What do you do?

If we’re doing a phone or email consultation, the first step is about getting to know you and your child; we’ll ask you lots of questions about their current feeding and sleeping. This is all done completely without judgment, as we’re simply trying to get to the bottom of your challenges.

From there we’ll provide you with a very detailed and individual sleep assessment based on your baby’s sleep environment, sleep patterns, settling techniques, feeding times and much, much more. When you have this assessment, it’s up to you when you start making changes. When you begin to implement these, you’ll send us activity logs every couple of days so that we can assess what is going on for your baby; we’ll attach notes and further suggestions and send them back to you (or chat to you over the phone if you had booked a phone consult) so that, together, we can get your baby sleeping well.

When you book an in-home consultation, the process is similar but more in-depth. This makes it a good option for more complex sleep challenges. The other difference with the in-home consultation is that it’s more hands-on; we’re there to physically and emotionally support you to and to help you with the process of getting your child to sleep. The same one week of follow up support comes with all the different packages; however, additional support is available if needed.

What additional value will a sleep consultant provide if I’ve already read all the books?

There is a lot of information out there and it can all seem a bit overwhelming sometimes – especially if you’re struggling with sleep deprivation too! When you’re tired, it’s hard to see the wood for the trees and even if you have some idea of what you need to do, it can still help to have this broken down, or actually shown to you.

Our sleep consultants blend the latest developments in the science of sleep to customise an approach for your child – one that also takes into account your personal views, philosophies and practices around parenting. We provide a plan, a solution, and an explanation. Think of us as being like all the books combined; we’ve done the research for you and can help you to practically put it to use.

Unlike a book, we can also answer questions and are able to easily change course mid-week or tweak routines, as needed, to suit you and your baby. Our training and experience enables us to see the changes that need to be made, spot errors that need fixing and, ultimately, help you with your baby.

What sorts of parents do you work with?

We work with any parents who value their own, and their family’s, sleep, and would like help with improving their baby’s sleep habits. No matter your parenting style – whether you’re an AP parent or more mainstream – and whether you’re a first time mum, or a third time mum, an adopted parent, or a parent of multiples… either way, we’re here to help!

Can my approach or philosophy around parenting be respected throughout this process?

Of course! Our approach is to empower parents with knowledge, and not to force anything on you. All of our consultants work to help parents to achieve the changes they need for the healthy sleep of the whole family, without compromising their parenting style.

Whatever is working for you, if you’re happy – keep doing it. However, if you think your child’s sleep could be improved for the health of your family, we’ll provide advice and support to guide you to improve your child’s sleep habits and practices.

Will I have to leave my baby to cry it out?

We have tried and tested ‘no cry’ solutions that can support your baby or toddler to learn how to sleep better and longer independently. The process doesn’t always happen without any tears shed, however. If you have a wilful child, or your baby has some very deep rooted sleep associations, they may cry as you sleep train them. That said, you don’t have to leave them to cry alone in their cot – our consultants will guide you through this in a way that works for both you and your baby.

Will I need to stop breastfeeding?

Absolutely not! If you are breastfeeding, then we are committed to supporting that, and we would never encourage you to stop breastfeeding in order to achieve a better sleep. We have just as many breastfed babies who are sleeping as well as formula-fed babies.

Will I need to put my baby in their own room?

Not unless you want to – you certainly don’t have to. We work with parents who have their child’s cots pushed up against their beds, babies who sleep in with the parents at night and their own rooms during the day, or babies who are established in their own rooms – any combination is fine.

What impact is working with a sleep consultant going to bring my family?

We believe that sleep is important – for you and for your children – and that every family has a right to be achieving the quality sleep they need. It’s OK to ask for help. Working with a trained baby sleep consultant is usually about changing the associations that your child has with sleep, so that your whole family can achieve optimum sleep health and all function at your best.

We’re not ‘baby whisperers’ – if anything, we’re more like ‘parent whisperers’ – empowering you with the knowledge, guidance and reassurance you need to support your child to be a better sleeper. In this way, the changes that you’re able to make for your family can be maintained for the long-term.

Will sleep training help with other parenting challenges?

A good sleep forms the foundation of our waking lives. You will have no doubt seen the impact that sleep has on your mental health, as well as a range of physical wellness indicators. The same goes for your children; their development, nutritional intake and behaviours are intrinsically linked to the quality and quantity of their sleep.

Many families find that dealing with a sleep challenge also helps with feeding/eating or behavioural issues – even, in some cases, with other things like colic. Let a quality sleep lay the best possible foundation for your child to reach their potential.

How do I know that your methods will work for my child?

While your child is absolutely unique and individual, there are not as many different sleep challenges as there are children; many experience a series of the same things. Because our approach is based on the latest research into the science of sleep, and all of our solutions are evidence-based, so as long as families commit to implementing suggested changes in a way that works for them, they will see results.

Even in the remarkable cases, where a child has a serious illness, or may have suffered from a brain injury or the effects of a parents’ addiction, positive changes to their sleep are able to be achieved.

Isn’t sleep deprivation just part of the early years of parenting?

Sleep deprivation is a form of torture and while many people think it’s a rite of passage to joining the parenting ranks, the early years of parenting don’t need to be fraught with lost sleep.

So many families are suffering and it’s hard to be the parent that you really want to be when you are that tired, let alone maintain your relationships or function well back in the workplace. Sleep is absolutely vital for our health and wellbeing and, with some simple and sustainable tweaks, your family can be back to achieving the sleep they need.

While it perhaps used to take a village to raise a child, it’s no longer common to have an extended family all raising children under one roof. What we think of as our intuition is actually largely taught, and in the absence of those wider traditional support networks, Baby Sleep Consultants provide the reassurance and guidance amidst what can feel like an overload of information.

What impact does sleep deprivation have on health and wellbeing?

Sleep is as important to our health and wellbeing as food, however we often don’t give it the same sort of energy and attention. Research surrounding the science of sleep is ongoing and we now know so much more than ever before about what it means for our overall health. In 2016 the World Health Organisation (WHO) released official guidelines around the sleep needs for children and how these relate to obesity, proving once again that sleep’s impact on our health is significant and that the role that it plays for our wellbeing starts from a very young age.

How does the science around sleep impact on your approach?

As Registered Training Providers, responsible for training sleep consultants from all over the world, our methodology is sound and our process is stream-lined. Our approach and ideas are all grounded in the latest developments and research surrounding sleep science and all of our solutions are evidence-based.

We understand that there’s no magic bullet either when it comes to solving sleep challenges. The families we work with achieve incredible transformations in their children’s sleep, but they are also committed to the time it takes to achieve these.

What do some of the other parents you’ve worked with say?

We love nothing more than watching the transformation in parents’ mental health and confidence as they gently sleep train their babies – and they love seeing what they can achieve throughout the process also! We often hear that “it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be”, or “I wish I had called you sooner!” Some have even said that they’re having a second baby now, because of us!

While we don’t necessarily think what we do warrants a superhero cape, we love that we’re genuinely helping parents and know they often see us as lifesavers. To see more of what the people we’ve worked with have to say, check out our testimonials.

How does the process work?

Which package is right for me?

At Baby Sleep Consultants, we believe that every family has a right to sleep they need, so we’ve got a range of packages to make sure everyone is covered. From email support for more simple sleep challenges, to phone consults and in-home consultations to deal with more complex or interconnected issues, we can help. Read on here to understand more of what each package entails and, if you’re still not sure which option is right for you, reach out to one of our consultants in your region and they can assess the level of support you need.

What sort of qualifications do your consultants have and are they all equally qualified?

All of our Baby Sleep Consultants are trained and certified under the same programme, with is industry-leading. In fact, our programme is so good that we’re also a Registered Training Provider responsible for training and certifying other consultants all over the country – and the world!

Will I get different advice depending on which consultant I work with?

No, all of our consultants have the same philosophies surrounding sleep and sleep training. They all adhere to the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines and safe sleep practices and will tailor our science-based approach to your individual child and family needs.

We work as a team, so whichever one of our consultants you engage with, your plan will have the backing and input of an entire team of nurses, teachers and nutritionists. We also hold regular virtual meetings to confidentially discuss client issues and challenges, which facilitates knowledge sharing and continuous improvements to our approach.

Do you consult in the evening or over weekends?

We’re mums too and we understand that it’s often easiest to talk once your baby is asleep for the night. Because of this, we all work from 7pm – 9pm so we can book in a phone consultation at a time that suits you. In-home consultations are also scheduled to best suit your family.

We try to spend Sundays with our own families, so generally don’t answer emails on a Sunday, however it’s up to the individual consultant to take home bookings on a Sunday if this is the best day for you. Saturdays are generally more commonly accommodated where weekday options aren’t a possibility or in a case where you might want both parents at home.

What will we get from a coffee group session?

A full hour of sleep help for you and your other mummy friends! This can either be tailored as a talk about the specific age your babies are at currently, or the stage they may be heading towards – or it can be used for one-on-one help or to answer the burning questions you all have. Any combination of these is fine as well, and you will all receive our famous sleep booklet that contains all of our tricks of the trade (which we only give out at sleep talks!)

What happens as part of a day-time consult?

Depending on what part of the day you book us for, we can aim to be there over a naptime. Ideally we would get there before your baby is due to go down, so that we can talk to you about your baby and his or her temperament, as well as the settling techniques that you think will work best for you and your family.

From there, we will help you to settle them for their nap, teaching you how to do it. We stay a minimum of two hours and additional hours can be added for $50 per hour, however we ask for advance warning if you anticipate that you may want us to stay longer, so that we can organise other bookings accordingly. At the end of this consult, we will leave you with a full assessment and plan, and you will have access to our help for the following week via email or over the phone.

What happens during an evening consult?

This will be booked so that we arrive in time to see your evening routine with your child; here we can suggest some changes that will help. We’ll teach you how to get your baby more settled in the evening, setting them up for successfully going down for the night.

We’ll talk to you about your baby and their temperament, as well as the issue that you are having. This consult is a good option if it’s night sleeps that are challenging with your child, or if you struggle to get them down easily in the evening. We will leave you with a full assessment and plan, and you will have our additional help for the following week.

If you need to upgrade this consult, you can do so until midnight – however, if you want to change it to an overnight consult, this will need to be booked in advance so your consultant can be prepared.

What happens at an overnight consult?

For these consults, we arrive in time to meet your baby and get him or her used to us; we also watch or help you do your evening routine. We’ll chat about settling techniques and your parenting style, as well as your baby’s individual temperament. From there, we will help you get your baby settled for the evening, teaching you what you can ideally do.

From there, the sleepover begins! We respect that you are inviting us into your homes at a vulnerable time and we’ll honour your wishes for this period. Overnight, we can either do all the settling and feeding ourselves while you sleep, or wake you for feedings or to show you what we are doing each time your baby wakes. We don’t require a spare room or bed to sleep in for this night – just a couch and a blanket. We will need to be somewhere in earshot of the baby, or have the baby monitor over this time.

At the end of the consult, we leave you with a full assessment and plan and you have our support and help for the following week as you continue to put this into practice.

What sort of follow up or after-consult care is provided?

All of our packages include a full week of follow up support after your consultation. This will be done either via email or over the phone, depending on your package. During this week, your consultant will evaluate the sleep and activity logs you send through, answer any questions you have, and provide additional advice. You can work with them to tweak or change your agreed strategy if needed, and they will act as your emotional cheerleader throughout this time.

Why do you only offer 7 days of follow up support as standard?

For the simple reason that for more than 80% of our clients, their problems are solved within a week. Rather than selling pricier packages that give people something that they might not need, we would rather tailor our packages to the majority and keep them as cost-effective as possible. Additional weeks of support can easily be added to your package if you need, however.

What if I need to call you or get more help over the week?

You can upgrade any package, at any time, to tap into unlimited support via email, phone or text. Just let us know how we can best support you and we will make ourselves available to you through what can be a challenging time.

Will I need to clear my schedule for weeks while we get this done?

While it’s true that this is sleep training (not a sleep holiday!) and that you will get out what you are able to put in, it doesn’t tend to require anything quite so arduous. When you commit to improving your child’s sleep, we ask that you make it a priority to be home on time for naps for a week, and then continue to be respectful of your baby’s need to sleep for a month. That said, you don’t need to cancel all your commitments and, even better, we can help you alter your routine to fit all these things in in a way that works for you.

How or where do I sign up? What’s the first step?

If you’re ready for a better night’s sleep for your child – and your family – engage with one of our certified sleep consultants. Simply click through to our Consulting page to register and we’ll touch base to book a day and time to get started.