About Our Sleep Consultants

We follow a registered training program and have certified Baby Sleep Consultants.

Our registered Infant and Child Sleep Consultant Certification stands out in the industry due to being the only course that is science and evidence based. We teach our sleep consultants the science of sleep, then the psychology of getting better sleep, and how to apply this knowledge to each client's individual needs.

Our course is accredited in Australia by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). Our founder is also a ‘The Happiest Baby on the Block’ certified educator.

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We use science-based and experience-based approaches

Consultants are trained in a wide range of techniques. This allows them to apply the most appropriate technique based on the baby's needs and your parenting style. Besides being trained in all known behavioural methods, we have developed our own unique gentle sleep training strategies.

We ensure consistently high levels of care and competence

Following completing our training program, all consultants are mentored and complete a supervisory period. Keeping our high standards consistent across all consultants ensures our success.

Professional development from subject matter experts

We take a holistic approach to our programs, and all of our certified consultants receive professional development from nutritionists, dieticians, and clinical psychologists. They even receive training from University Professors and Paediatricians as well as certified lactation consultants (IBCLC - International Board Certified Lactation Consultants). To ensure that our clients receive the highest quality care, we can consult with these experts whenever necessary.

We have helped over 100,000 parents and babies sleep better

Let us take all the hard work out of figuring out why your little one wakes so frequently – we’re mothers ourselves and come packed full of empathy, expertise and enthusiasm! Within a few days, sleep problems that have existed for months can be resolved. The speed at which our plans have worked has amazed our clients. Everyone wishes they had contacted us sooner. See for yourself by reading reviews on Facebook!

About Our Sleep Solutions

Baby Sleep Consultant offers help for babies, toddlers and parents who are struggling to get a good night’s sleep. There isn't a problem we haven't successfully helped parents overcome time and time again. We have three clear options to suit your needs: online sleep programs, phone consultations and in-home consultations.

Online Sleep Programs

Our online sleep programs could be the perfect solution if you are wondering what may be causing your baby's sleep disturbances. There is a sleep training course for every stage of development. Each one is jam-packed with helpful advice on how to establish routines, feeding and sleeping plans, settling techniques, transition to sleep, and napping solutions. Nutrition and feeding are also covered in depth, including breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and solids. We also cover all the common sleeping issues including early wake-ups and waking frequently. If you like learning at your own pace, this could be a great option for you. You can also reach out to a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant for email support.

Online Sleep Programs
One-on-one Consultations

Our personalised consultations are ideal if your baby has been having sleep issues for a long time or if you are seriously sleep deprived. This is a better option if you prefer a tailored plan and want to know exactly what to do. You will receive a customised plan from your consultant. This will include the most appropriate techniques for your baby and take into account your parenting style.

There are two options with our one-on-one packages: phone or in-home consultations. Find out more about each one to see which is right for you.

1 on 1 Sleep Consulting
The journey to a good sleep starts now!

We have built our reputation on helping 100,000+ plus parents overcome every type of sleep challenge. It would be our pleasure to assist you as well.