Sleep Problems We Solve

Our Sleep Consultants are certified, experienced, and ready to help you. We have built our reputation on helping 100,000+ parents overcome every type of sleep challenge.

Does your baby….

  • Only sleep when they are on you (contact sleep)
  • Only sleep when they are in bed with you (co sleep)
  • Catnap during the day (30-45 min naps)
  • Awaken frequently throughout the night
  • Sleep less than five hours in one stretch at night
  • Wake in the middle and have a split night
  • Need to be rocked, patted and walked to sleep
  • Need you to get them back to sleep
  • Need to be held or fed by you to sleep
  • Take ages to fall to sleep
Would you like to…
  • Pinpoint the cause of your child's sleep issues
  • Learn the best settling techniques for your baby’s temperament
  • Know which techniques to use for which sleep problem
  • Learn how you can help your child sleep longer
  • Discover how to help your baby fall asleep on their own
  • Establish longer day sleeps with less cat-napping
  • Set a clear and consistent bedtime
  • Create a routine for your child
  • Help your baby to sleep for longer periods during the day
  • Teach your baby to sleep through the night
  • Have more time to yourself during the day
  • Have more energy to devote to your other children
  • Gain confidence as a parent
  • Relax and enjoy life more

There isn't a sleep problem we haven't successfully solved time and time again. Whether you're struggling with minor sleep issues or full-blown sleep deprivation, we're here to help.

Why choose a 1 on 1 consult with us?
  • Trying to make sense of your little one’s sleep issues?
  • Feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing works?
  • Perhaps you don't have the energy to read a comprehensive guide and just want a simple, step-by-step plan with phone follow up?

Baby Sleep Consultant offers phone and home packages. Depending on your sleep challenge and the level of support you require, you can choose from different options.

Include one-week and two-week options.
Include day, evening and night consultations, as well as overnight stays.

Whatever option you choose, you'll receive a plan tailored to your family's needs. Now is the time to gain more sleep, time, and confidence as a parent!

Our consultants take a holistic look at baby and family

We begin by learning more about your baby and their sleep challenges. We look at all factors that might affect their sleep habits, such as:

  • Does your baby have any health issues?
  • Are baby’s naps during the day too long or too short?
  • Are they overstimulated or overtired?
  • Is your baby consuming enough calories and appetite-stabilising protein to sustain them through the night?
  • Is there a sleep and feed routine in place?
  • Plus many more!

At the same time, we get to know you and your family so that we can create a plan that works for you, without making you feel like you’ve compromised on your parenting style.

You don’t have to cry-it-out!

Our team draws on a variety of techniques to develop a plan that you feel comfortable with and confident following through on. By understanding your values and beliefs, we craft a plan that fits your parenting style. Our sleep consultants are familiar with a variety of philosophies, including attachment. They also take into account your children's temperament and your parenting style.

Using all the background information they’ve collected, they then develop a holistic science-based sleep training program. Your plan is tailored to your child's developmental stage, and includes recommendations regarding sleep environment, diet, nap schedules, and sleep props.

Support during sleep training makes all the difference

But we don't stop there! We want you to feel supported and include follow up calls. Your consultant will check in with you to see how you're doing. Our goal during these calls is to provide you with advice, encouragement, and answers to your questions. If needed, we can adjust your plan; just think of us as your sleep cheerleader!

Ready to support your child to become a better sleeper?
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