9 - 18 Months Online Sleep Program

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Are you still struggling with your baby's sleep during nights or naps? We have the perfect solution for you.

Our comprehensive online sleep program provides parents with effective strategies to help their babies sleep through the night, settle on their own, and overcome common sleep challenges such as separation anxiety, nap strikes, early wakes, and illness.

You can also receive free, private email support from our team of experts, ensuring that you never feel confused or lost about your baby's sleep again.

Don't let sleep deprivation affect your days any longer - sign up for our online sleep program today and experience the positive changes in your baby's sleep and your own wellbeing. You’ll be glad you did!


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What’s Included

Learn strategies to deal with sleep regressions and separation anxiety. Problem solve any issues, ensure your baby is self settling, sleeping through the night, and in a good nap routine before you move into toddlerhood.

Understand your babies changing feeding and sleeping routine

  • Follow proven sleep and feeding routines designed to support your baby to sleep through the night
  • Understand the transition from 3 naps to 2, and then 1
  • Move to food first, drop a milk feed and ensure your routine supports your nights
    Strategies for stubborn cat nappers, and even nap strikes
  • Follow nap schedules for you baby’s age
  • Put an end to catnaps settle into a 2 nap a day routine
  • Help your baby learn how to self-settle for naps
  • Learn how and when to drop naps
    Learn how to teach self settling
  • Be familiar with the different types of sleep associations
  • Get rid of unwanted sleep associations
  • Choose a self settling approach that suits your family

Prepare your baby to sleep through the night

  • Teach your baby to sleep through the night, move on from co-sleeping, and tackle early wake ups
  • Understand the hierarchy of soothing, from holding, feeling, and rocking until they can fall asleep on their own
  • Understand how sleep regressions affect night sleep, and avoid teething regressions
  • Use age-appropriate action plans to solve your baby's nighttime waking

Understand the role of feeding in establishing healthy sleep patterns

  • Understand the effect of solids on sleep
  • Understand the importance of key macro and micro nutrients on sleep
  • Follow a milk and solid plan designed to support a good night's sleep

PLUS - you get free, private email support from our team of sleep consultants. You'll never be wondering or confused about your baby’s sleep again.

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Free Email Support

Our online sleep programs offer valuable guidance and resources, along with complimentary exclusive email support from our team of experienced sleep consultants. Email support is essential to ensure your success in implementing sleep changes and to keep you on the right track.

If you're unsure about how to improve various aspects of your sleep, our team is here to provide expert advice. Whether you're a busy parent in need of routine tweaks or simply looking to evaluate the effectiveness of your current strategies, feel free to reach out and share your concerns. We're dedicated to supporting you on your journey to better sleep.

Let our Baby Sleep Consultants help you and your baby get the sleep you both deserve.

Unlock Years Of Experience

Over 100,000 parents trust our sleep research and years of experience to help them sleep better. Our comprehensive programs were developed in consultation with paediatric nurses, IBCLCs, reflux experts, early childhood teachers, psychology experts, and mothers just like you.

Using gentle and proven mainstream strategies, our online program helps you teach your baby to sleep through the night. Featuring over 100 pages of guidance, structured routines, strategies, plans, self-settling solutions, and troubleshooting, you'll gain instant access to science and evidence-based advice about baby sleep.

You don't need to worry if you don't feel comfortable with the "cry it out" method or feel overwhelmed about your sleep situation. As part of our sleep programs, we provide gentle settling options based on your child's sleep temperament and your parenting style.

To access your online sleep program instantly and receive free support via email, simply choose the right program for your baby's age and purchase. Experience better sleep, increased confidence, practical sleep plans, and easier parenting!


When will I get my program? 

Once you purchase your program, you will have immediate access to it.

How do I know that your methods will work for my child?

Even though every child is unique, there are not as many sleep challenges as there are children. Many face similar problems. Our approach is based on the latest sleep research and all our solutions are evidence-based. Families will see results by implementing suggested changes in a way that suits them.

Even in remarkable cases, where a child has a serious illness or may have suffered from a brain injury or the effects of a parent's addiction, positive changes in their sleep can be achieved.

Will I have to leave my baby to cry it out?

You can assist your baby or toddler in developing independent sleep habits through our proven 'no cry' solutions. While sleep training may not always be tear-free, it is natural for your baby to experience some crying if they have entrenched sleep associations or are strong-willed. Rest assured, you won't have to leave your baby alone in their cot crying - our consultants will guide you in finding an approach that suits both you and your little one.

Isn’t sleep deprivation just part of the early years of parenting?

Many believe that sleep deprivation is an unavoidable part of becoming a parent, but the early years of parenting can be well-rested. Countless families suffer from exhaustion, making it challenging to be the parent they aspire to be, let alone maintaining relationships or succeeding at work. With a handful of simple and sustainable adjustments, you can guide your family back to a healthy sleep routine that is essential for their overall well-being.

In the past, it took an entire village to raise a child, but these days, it is uncommon to see extended families raising children together. Without these traditional support networks, Baby Sleep Consultants offer reassurance and guidance in the midst of overwhelming information.

How does sleep deprivation affect health and wellbeing?

Sleep plays a crucial role in our health and well-being, comparable to the significance of food. Despite this, it doesn't receive the same attention and focus. Ongoing research on the science of sleep has provided us with greater understanding than ever before.

In 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) released official guidelines connecting children's sleep needs to obesity, further emphasising the importance of sleep in our well-being, starting from a young age.

What impact does the science of sleep have on your approach?

We are proud to be Registered Training Providers, equipping sleep consultants worldwide with our proven methodology and streamlined process. Our sleep science solutions are meticulously crafted based on the latest developments and research.

When it comes to overcoming sleep challenges, we acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The families we collaborate with not only achieve remarkable results in their children's sleep but also show genuine commitment to the process.

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Certified Sleep Consultant