Online Sleep Programs

Online Sleep Programs

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Struggling with your baby or toddlers day or night sleep?

Discover the joy of restful nights and happy days with our exclusive online sleep programs! As a parent, we know firsthand the challenges of sleepless nights and the toll it takes on you and your little one.

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The benefits? 


Picture this: Your baby or toddler peacefully sleeping through the night, enjoying consistent naps, and giving you the well-deserved rest you crave. It's possible, and our proven online sleep programs make it happen.

Don't let sleep deprivation be your norm.
Embrace the transformation!

Sign up for our comprehensive online sleep programs today, and let us guide you and your family toward the peaceful, restorative sleep you all deserve. Take the first step—your well-rested future starts now!

Why Choose Baby Sleep Consultant

  • Effective Results: Countless parents have experienced the transformation. Join them in witnessing the positive changes in your child's sleep patterns.
  • Affordability: Our carefully crafted sleep programs are not just effective but also budget-friendly. A small one-time investment opens the door to years of research and expertise, ensuring value for your money.
  • Ease of Use: Navigate the journey to better sleep effortlessly. Our user-friendly programs empower you with the tools to create lasting improvements in your child's sleep routine.
  • Expert Support: Worried about going it alone? Fear not! Every purchase includes free email support from a certified Baby Sleep Consultant. It's like having a sleep expert on call, guiding you towards success.
  • Proven Success: Over 100,000 parents have entrusted us with their sleep challenges, benefiting from our collaboration with paediatric professors, IBCLC, reflux experts, ECE experts, psychologists, and mothers who understand your journey.

Free Email Support 

By choosing our online sleep programs, you not only gain access to invaluable guidance and resources but also receive complimentary, exclusive email support from our team of experienced sleep consultants. Email support plays a crucial role in ensuring your success when implementing sleep changes and guarantees that you stay on the right track.

Whenever you find yourself unsure of your next steps to improve various aspects of your sleep, our team is there to provide expert advice. Whether you need assistance with making routine tweaks for busy parents or simply want to check if your current strategies are effective, feel free to reach out and communicate your concerns. We are here to support you throughout your journey towards better sleep.

Baby Sleep Consultants are here to help you and your baby get the sleep you deserve.


What’s included in your sleep programs? 

The content of our programs varies according to the age group they are designed for. Find out what's included with each program by selecting it and navigating to the 'What's Included' section.

When will I get my program?

Once you purchase your program, you will have immediate access to it.

How do I know that your methods will work for my child?

Despite the fact that your child is unique and individual, there are not as many sleep challenges as there are children; many experience a series of the same problems. Because our approach is based on the latest research into the science of sleep, and all of our solutions are evidence-based, families will see results as long as they commit to implementing suggested changes in a way that works for them.

Even in the remarkable cases, where a child has a serious illness, or may have suffered from a brain injury or the effects of a parents’ addiction, positive changes to their sleep are able to be achieved.

Will I have to leave my baby to cry it out?

You can help your baby or toddler learn to sleep independently using our tried and tested 'no cry' solutions. Sleep training isn't always without tears, however. It is possible for your baby to cry during sleep training if they have some deep-rooted sleep associations or are wilful. However, you do not have to leave your baby crying alone in their cot – our consultants will help you figure out how to do it in a way that works for both you and your baby.

Isn’t sleep deprivation just part of the early years of parenting?

Despite the fact that many people think sleep deprivation is a rite of passage to becoming a parent, the early years of parenting don't have to be sleepless.

Many families are suffering and when you are tired, it's hard to be the parent you really want to be, never mind maintaining your relationships or functioning well at work. With a few simple and sustainable tweaks, you can get your family back on track to getting the sleep they need. Sleep is absolutely essential for our health and wellbeing.

It used to take an entire village to raise a child, but now it's rare to see an extended family raise children together. In the absence of those wider traditional support networks, Baby Sleep Consultants provide reassurance and guidance amidst a sea of information that can feel overwhelming.

How does sleep deprivation affect health and wellbeing?

It is widely recognized that sleep is as important to our health and wellbeing as food, yet it doesn't receive the same kind of attention and energy. Research surrounding the science of sleep is continuing, and we now know more than ever before about what it entails.

The World Health Organization (WHO) released official guidelines in 2016 regarding children's sleep needs and how they relate to obesity, proving once again that sleep plays a significant role in our wellbeing and that its impact on our health starts from an early age.

What impact does the science of sleep have on your approach?

Our methodology is sound and our process is streamlined, as we are Registered Training Providers, training sleep consultants from all over the world. All of our sleep science solutions are based on the latest developments and research surrounding sleep science.

When it comes to solving sleep challenges, we understand that there's no magic bullet. The families we work with achieve incredible results in their children's sleep, but are also committed to the process.

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