Auckland Sleep Consultant Victoria 021 932612

Auckland Sleep Consultant Victoria 021 932612

Auckland Sleep Consultant Victoria 021 932612

Name: Victoria
City: Auckland
Contact: 021 932612 

With a background centred around learning, Victoria is passionate about supporting parents in achieving their sleep goals, through providing them with the confidence, knowledge and skills to better understand and make changes that are right for them.

 As a mum-of-2, Victoria has personal experience of the challenges that infant sleep can present; relatable, empathetic, and ready to help families get some rest!


Kori - Mum of Libby 9 months old

"Victoria has been a godsend! I was in an absolute rut with my daughter but Victoria was able to explain everything so clearly that this sleep deprived Mumma felt at ease & ready to give sleep training a go. She’s extremely relatable & a lot of what she said was so true to my particular situation.

Initially, Victoria postponed the start of my sleep training journey due to my baby being sick. To me, this was awesome & made me realise that she actually cared about me & bubs & wanted to give us the best start possible!

Victoria was always on the other end of the phone when I needed. She respected my wishes & was ALWAYS encouraging especially in times that was doubting myself.

My daughter now sleeps 12+ hours a night & puts herself to sleep happily during the day ( a far cry from where we were 6 weeks ago) & that is all thanks to Victoria"

Sanet - Mum of Chloe, 20 months 

"Before working with Victoria, our little one (20 months old) depended on us to help her settle at night. She would wake up multiple times at night and we had to sit next to her with our hands on her until she would fall asleep.

This really took its toll on our sleep and a friend recommended Victoria. I was sceptical at first because I wasn't prepared to let our little one cry it out or do any of those extreme sleep training that you hear of and read, however Victoria went out of her way to get to know our little family and the temperament of our little one, she really listened to our situation and what we needed as a family.

She guided us through the most gentle sleep training method that didn't involve a single tear. We chose the gradual withdrawal method and it was the best decision for our family. S

he did regular check in's and provided guidance throughout the programme.

Our little one responded so well and is now sleeping through the night, without a bottle,  and resettling herself when she does wake up. We are now able to put her down for her nap and leave the room and she happily drifts off to sleep.

We cannot thank Victoria enough for helping us guide our little one to better and more restorative sleep, and teaching her the valuable skill of self settling (and giving us some more sleep too). I will highly recommend Victoria to help any family - she is brilliant! 

You have been so amazing and I want to know how much you have changed our lives :) 

We really appreciate you!"

Lynley - Mum of Kyra, 12 months 

"I had Vicki as a sleep consultant for my daughter Kyra when she had just turned 12 months old. 

I was very anxious and nervous about sleep training as I had loosely tried to do it on my own in the past and failed.  From the very beginning Vicki was very supportive and understanding of how I was feeling as a first time mum and my first time properly sleep training. 

Vicki was very reassuring whenever I had any doubts and was very open to working out a plan which was the most comfortable for myself and Kyra. 
The sleep plan Vicki wrote up for me was very detailed and I could tell she fully understood how I felt about the whole situation. 

She easily pinpointed the issues I was having with Kyra and explained in detail how we would tackle the problems together.  If I ever had any issues or doubts I knew I could contact Vicki and she would get back to me very swiftly which I appreciated. 

Thanks to the amazing support from Vicki, Kyra was sleeping through the night within 7-9 days. 

Overall I felt so grateful that I had Vicki on my side to help me along with something I was very nervous to tackle.
Since finishing with Vicki I have recommended her to a couple of people and I would have no doubts about recommending her to anyone in the future."


Greta - Mum to Maeve, 5 months 

"When the opportunity arose for us to work with Victoria we jumped at the chance, as our daughter had just started showing signs of the dreaded 4month sleep regression.

Victoria really listened to us and gave us some life changing advice on how to approach our daughter's sleep - so that we could all get more of it! We felt incredibly supported throughout this journey and even now, Victoria will still check in to see how we're getting on. We could not recommend her more highly!"

Julia - Mum to Samuel, 4 months  

"When we started working with Victoria, our almost 4 month old had been cluster feeding every evening since 3 weeks old for hours, sometimes until midnight! He was also a serial catnapper and woke very frequently during the night, always needing to be settled with a feed.

We were exhausted and with two other children we couldn’t keep going like this. 

Victoria spoke with me in depth to understand as much as possible about baby’s temperament, and with what we had been trying with him up until this point. She gave us a very comprehensive plan with contingencies, and we began right away.

Within a couple of days, baby was having a two hour nap at lunchtime, and within five days we were managing to get baby straight to sleep at bedtime with only two wakes for night feeds. It was life changing for us as we finally had our evenings back! 

Victoria was amazing at checking in regularly to see how we were doing and troubleshoot any issues, and I felt really reassured that she was only a text away. Thank you so much!!"

 Stacey - Mum to Aleeah, 5 weeks 

 "Thank you so much for your help & advice over the past few weeks. I feel the information you have given us, has really worked. As soon as you sent through the initial report, we made the changes and haven't looked back. Most importantly, you've helped to reduce my nerves as a new Mum with literally no idea, and I feel confident and capable. Thank you.  

For someone who was anti "white noise", I now use this every night and even I sleep better! Really appreciate everything you have suggested for us so far and look forward to working with you further. I'll have a read over your final notes, thanks so much. " 

Sarah - Mum to Gracie, 8 weeks 

"I really enjoyed working with you through Gracie's later newborn stage! Was helpful to fill out the intake form to put down on paper what we were currently doing and what I wanted to achieve.

You really celebrated the wins as we went, both for me as a new Mum & for Gracie, and made me feel uplifted in the steps I was taking to help put in place healthy sleeping habits for Gracie.

You made it clear that you were always available if I needed it, quick to respond and was great to be able to use whatever channel of communication that worked on the day (text, email, phone etc). I really enjoyed talking on the phone, although in the early days when Gracie had short awake times of 45min-1 hour, paired with having cat naps, capping the call at half an hour probably would have been best (we're both chatters so this was hard to do!).

You never put pressure on me and made me feel like I could take or leave the guidance which I found helpful. The best advice was trying 1-2 naps daily in her bassinet; this helped give me a target and small steps to start with when this was really tricky, which we then quickly smashed :)

Also providing the timeframes for when her crying would die down in the evenings which was really reassuring for us (and did stop around 11/12 weeks as you said!).

Thank you Victoria, you went above & beyond to help put great sleeping habits in place for Gracie, who is now an excellent little sleeper! All of her sleeps are now in bassinet through day, and sleeping through the night - most of the time :) 

PS I think you went up in Will's books when you used the term 'ballache' in one of your emails hahaha. I could go on and on so if there is anything else specific you need feedback around let me know. "

Klara – Mum to Mila, 4months

"I reached out to Victoria when my daughter was going through the 4month sleep regression.

She had never been a particularly good sleeper but now was waking every 1-2hrs throughout the night and her day naps were inconsistent. She would require us to rock her to sleep but the second we lay her down, she would wake and the process would begin again...and again until very late at night. I felt like a complete shell of myself and my relationship was really starting to suffer.
Victoria’s support in this space has been INCREDIBLE!

I no longer fear the nights and my daughters unpredictable nap schedule throughout the day.

I used to dread the evenings, the multiple attempts to resettle her only to last an hour before we had to start all over again.

After a week of Victoria’s constant support and guidance, my daughter miraculously slept through the night 7pm to 7am at 5months old!  She has now gone on to wake only once in the night and her day sleeps run like clockwork. There are no tears or multiple attempts to resettle her. We couldn’t believe the results of Victoria’s coaching after such a short time.

I HIGHLY recommend Victoria to any parent who feels like they need some support and guidance with their child’s sleep.

Thank you SO much Victoria for kindly holding our hands through this process, your humour and empathy got us through an incredibly difficult time in our lives- we are so grateful for your gift of restorative sleep to our daughter."

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