Baby Eden – 12 weeks

Baby Eden – 12 weeks

Baby Eden – 12 weeks

Baby Eden had a rough start to life with an induced birth and tongue tie not fixed until 6 weeks, so she had been ratty and slow to gain weight. She was windy from the tongue tie and this had lead to colic symptoms present in the early evening for the first 12 weeks.

Consequently Eden was only napping in 30 minute blocks and only getting 8 hours of broken sleep over night, as settling in the evening took 1-4 hours to get Eden to sleep.

Mum and Dad where exhausted and I could tell Eden was also exhausted.

We implemented a plan which included dramatically reducing Eden’s awake time to that of a 6 week old baby as she was so extremely over tired I felt she need to catch up. We didn’t feel any crying would help Eden as she was already so stressed and over tired her body was flooded with stress hormones and sleep was not an easy accomplishment for Eden.

We felt what Eden needed was lots of skin on skin, and a big wind down time before her naps – I taught mum to effectively reduce Eden’s over tiredness and stress and increase her good sleepy hormones.

We worked on winding and settling and within 2 weeks Eden is a dream to settle in the evening and naps have slowly fallen into place with Eden now taking 3 decent naps each day and the effort to achieve these naps has reduced from 40 minutes settling time to 10 minutes.

Well done Eden and mum!

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