Bed sharing time lapse shows how exhausted mum is...

Bed sharing time lapse shows how exhausted mum is...

Bed sharing time lapse shows how exhausted mum is...

This video perfectly demonstrates why we should never judge another mother, and never assume what works for one will work for all.

How many times have you seen someone suggest the solution to their sleep problem is bed sharing?

While it might appear this means you both get to sleep all night, just watch Cherrell Misleh's time lapse video, and you can see just how fragmented her night sleep is. All those wake ups, are exhausting...... fragmented sleep impacts the body in the same way sleep deprivation does.

Thankfully this mumma has reached out for help from a sleep consultant and she is teaching her 14 month old to sleep in their cot again, and both her and her husband are on their way to a better nights sleep.

What I find most heart breaking is the comments mothers from the online community have made when this video was shared.

"I chose to night parent and have a very healthy relationship with both my kids."

This term night parenting..... designed to make you feel if you choose to sleep train, you are basically not parenting at night. Lovely! Another way to encourage mothers to judge each other.

"I don't understand why you don't teach your child to sleep in his own bed from the very beginning. My children. Never sleep in our bed unless it's a nap during the day."

Maybe bed sharing was working for this mum, and now its not? That's ok! She got help when she was ready for change. Why can we not understand everyone's journey is different. 



"People who say “I didn’t co sleep because I needed my sleep!” Don’t understand that this was the ONLY WAY to GET sleep! You see how many times that baby woke up? Imagine having to get out of bed to walk into a nursery to sit down in a rocking chair and feed the baby THAT many times per night. We don’t cosleep for any reason other than at least we can sleep and nurse at the same time 🤦🏼‍♀️ "

I hope all the first time mums reading that comment realize its not the only way to get your baby to sleep. If you're struggling with frequent wake ups, you have the choice to bed share, OR teach your baby to self settle and sleep through or partially through the night. There is no ONLY WAY. I promise you!

"Boobies are readily available, and better for baby than a bottle." 

Wow just wow, are we still using social media to make formula or bottle feeding mums feel like they are lesser parents or doing something not as good? Come on, we can do better than this!

Anyway, onwards and upwards! Watch the cute video, and you'll probably feel the same empathy I felt for how tired that mumma is going to be in the morning, and how amazing she is for doing that all night.

Mum's are amazing creatures.....but we need sleep too!


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