Child Friendly Café’s

Child Friendly Café’s

Child Friendly Café’s

Do Mum’s venture across town for coffee to a place with entertainment, or is it a quiet local café of convenience you prefer?

I love coffee, there is no doubt about it.

Sometimes I think I should grow my own or have shares in the industry, however what is it about a café that draws me in?

As a mum, I always look for a child friendly café where my children can play and run, and I can sit back and enjoy my ‘hot’ coffee with the hope of 10 minutes peace. Unfortunately, I find that I sit down hold my coffee lingering on the first sip when my kids call “Mum” they want to show me the awesome trick they have learnt on the playground, or they need me to swing them…so my coffee inevitably ends up cold, and my children are entertained by me.

My other option is to go to a local café close to home where I can walk to (to wear my children out prior to my coffee) where my children are expected to sit nice and quietly with their fluffy while I enjoy the peace and quiet and savour my coffee. A few minutes into this, more often than not I get asked for my phone as they’re bored, or they feel my handbag is suddenly a toy box full of entertainment. This time I may get a hot coffee, but people are looking at me while I wrestle my phone off my child.

So where do we go to have a relaxing coffee??? Me? I opt for takeout coffee from my favourite café chosen by the taste of their coffee and head to my best friends house where her kids entertain my kids, and both of us get to chat, and no one minds if my children are being loud, and they don’t require me or my phone for entertainment. The end result – A good HOT coffee, good company, and if we’re lucky 10 minutes of peace.

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