Interview with Sophie

Interview with Sophie

Interview with Sophie

What do you love most about being a sleep consultant?

Using my knowledge to formulate a plan that works for each family then being able to help parents (and of course babies!) through some really difficult times. It is so rewarding having a family get through this process and come out the other side with a renewed zest for bringing up their little ones with confidence and knowing they have done such a wonderful thing for them in achieving the best sleep habits. The fact that most find the process much easier than they ever thought is pretty cool too!

What is your biggest challenge around being a working mum?

Juggling when its work time and Mummy time! I don’t have an office as such so it’s really hard not to be in work mode all day when I have Elsie who needs time too. Setting myself “work” hours and having an awesome friend who does home based care with Elsie 2 days a week is a great help. I also have my sister nearby who is studying early childhood so that is a huge bonus when working with Elsie is at home is unavoidable. She still gets that time, but is more independent and well rounded from having two other special people play with her when I can’t be there 100%. Ask me this again when I have 2 though!

Tell me about a recent memorable client?

I have recently finished working with a lovely family in Australia with a very quirky 2 ½ year old who had been bed sharing and having night feeds with Mum. It was awesome working together to help Mum and Dad create their little one’s independent sleep in her cot again. They did really well and the wee girl transitioned very easily with the plan we set up which was lovely. Alongside working with a family to find that lovely balance continuing extended breastfeeding, what made them even more memorable was the fact that this cheeky wee girl would strip herself off once she had gone to bed and Mum would check her later to find her butt naked after taking sleeping bag, pj’s and nappy off, no matter how Houdini proof we thought it was! Made me laugh every time I read the logs! Toddler’s are so fun.

Baby number 2 due in January, does this bring a new appreciation for sleep deprived pregnant mums?

Totally!! Gosh I struggle on the best of days! I have had a few clients recently who have been pregnant and also working on improving their toddler’s sleep in time for baby number two. I have found myself thinking of them at night when I have been awake and hoping that they are seeing continued improvements and getting some much needed rest before baby arrives. I can appreciate how tough it is for Mums expecting while battling with toddler sleep issues- as thrown into this mix is the fact that Mummy is more tired than before, and about to bring about a big change for older children to adapt to also.

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