Is a good sleeper, a difficult sleeper?

Is a good sleeper, a difficult sleeper?

Is a good sleeper, a difficult sleeper?

Good Sleeper’s do they exist and are they difficult sleepers?

I recently read something which a mum wrote claiming that while her son was a poor sleeper, he was an easy sleeper, and that her friends who had good sleepers were in fact difficult.

She felt that if she taught her baby to be a good sleeper, she would loose her freedom to go out, as he would only sleep in a dark room at home, and she would be a slave to her routine.

I disagree, and right here today, I am going to tell you the 7 ways you can create a good sleeper and an easy sleeper.

As to whether good easy sleepers exist, well you only have to ask thousands of our clients that question, trust me they don’t stay home all day, they are out enjoying life, and they have a well rested child. Read on for more help!

How to create this Good, but Easy sleeper? The 7 secrets!

Firstly lets quick discuss what this blog is referring to when people say they have a good sleeper, they usually mean a baby who naps well, and sleeps for consolidated chunks, if not through the night.  They usually mean they settle easily, and don’t cause too much fuss.

That is societies traditional view of a “good sleeper”….

While an easy sleeper is one who will easily settle on the go, in the pram, or baby carrier, and doesn’t require special conditions to call asleep.
Ok so how to you have your cake and eat it too?


1. Routine

People tend to believe that a routine is strict and restrictive.  But a strong routine, one which has been established for a while, and one that works with a babies natural circadian rhythm means that your baby is so used to sleeping at certain times in the day, that no matter where you are; they want to take that nap!

This is where you can very easily achieve that regular nap in the pram or the car seat or baby carrier with no drama, all thanks to your good routine! An easy sleeper!

2. Variety

Variety is the key to a child who will sleep in places other than their cot! From early on I recommend all my clients try to achieve one nap a day out and about. Go for a walk, hit up a drive through coffee… Just try to leave the house and achieve a short nap on the run. This will ensure that sleeping in places other than their cot becomes normal for your child. Therefore when you need them to nap in the pram or the carrier they can! An Easy sleeper!

3. Positive Sleep Associations

Portable white noise like the Baby Shusher is perfect for creating a kick ass sleep environment while on the go, with little to no fuss! It certainly isn’t difficult to throw the baby shusher in your nappy bag as you head out the door. Swaddling, and sleeping bags also create these positive associations between sleep and your child. Once they associate the bag or swaddle with sleep, it won’t matter where they are, if you put it on, they know its time to sleep! You’ve created an Easy sleeper who will sleep well at daycare, grandma’s house, their stroller. You name it! Cuddlies/lovies such as the sleepytot, Lulla doll, cuski’s also create positive sleep associations even easier to use on the go than a sleeping bag

4. Respect 

If you want an easy sleeper, but also a good sleeper, then you need to have respectful of your child’s need for restorative sleep. Your child needs to try to have at least one nap in a stationary cot or bassinet each day. This will ensure there naps on the go remain easy!

5. Understand

Be understanding that children get over tired easily, and this over tiredness accumulates after a few busy days.

Night sleep worsens and all naps whether they are on the go or at home, stop being Easy when you child is over tired. So take your child’s cues seriously, and if they are starting to get grumpy, wake frequently at night, early in the morning, or fuss while feeding. Try to stay home for some good restorative naps.

6. Self settling

Teach your baby once its age appropriate to self settle. Once you do this, your child can settle anywhere for anyone as they are no longer reliant on you to settle. This means all naps are Easy not just naps on the go! If you need help with self settling, our definitive sleep guide will teach you without CIO how to teach your baby to self settle.

7. Sleep environment

Now this mum who thought her friends good sleepers were difficult sleepers obviously didn’t know about snooze shades and sun shades! These help turn any stroller into a fantastic sleep environment for a baby or toddler. As does your portable white noise, or sleeping bag, or cuddly, you choose!


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