Justine - Auckland Sleep Consultant

Justine - Auckland Sleep Consultant

Justine - Auckland Sleep Consultant

After gaining a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Education from Victoria University, I began my lifelong ambition of working with young children.

Over the next 10 years I gained valuable experience and insights working across the full spectrum of baby and child care from nannying to Montessori within a day care setting. I also became really interested in some of the challenges facing new parents.

In 2012 I moved to London to further my career and while working in the corporate world I was surrounded by working parents having difficulty achieving regular sleep patterns for their little ones. I decided to do some research in this area and found that there was help and support available.

I returned to New Zealand in 2019 after my daughter was born and began comprehensive training as a sleep consultant. I’m now fully immersed in my role as an internationally certified Sleep Consultant supporting families around New Zealand with tailored sleep solutions for their babies and toddlers.

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"We had Justine help us with our 6.5 month old whose sleep was all over the place, being either rocked or fed to sleep- neither which was really working for us with naps lasting under 30 mins each and night wakings varying anywhere from 2-5 times!

Could not recommend highly enough- from the initial consultation (we did 2 hour in-home daytime consult) through to the follow up phone calls and emails, Miriam helped talk us through every step and we’ve seen 100% improvement in our daughters sleep.

We still have the odd bad night or two but mostly she now sleeps through & has a relatively consistent schedule AND she can self settle (something I never thought I’d be able to say!)

It was definitely hard work but completely worth it and great to have such strong support the whole way through." ~ Katherine Miller


"We contacted Justine even though our little one wasn't hard to get to sleep, he just liked to party all night and catnap all day. It was driving the whole family nuts as it isn't possible for mum, dad and the other kids to sleep during the day.

We straight away received some practical tips which cut the catnapping during the day and improved his sleep at night. I appreciated that I wasn't told to go on some kind of 'cry it out' routine as I didn't want to do that, all the ideas were very gentle and my bub took to them well. I wish this support was available to every parent." ~ Natalie Brooke 

"After months of no sleep, frequent waking at night, cat napping during the day and a little unhappy toddler who was about to start child care and didn't know how to self settle - it was time to seek help!!

Justine was absolutely the best thing our family did - not sure why we waited so many months (maybe denial & people telling us things would get better) - a phone call we should have made months ago! I absolutely loved working with Justine - she has such a gentle and patient nature about her & so much knowledge! She took the time to understand our busy lives, our parenting style, our environment and most of all was so accommodating and flexible in her approach to ensure that we felt comfortable.

I contacted Justine for a home visit during the day & that 2 hour visit i have never regretted - from here we worked on techniques for our daughter to encourage sleep and together with her approach, we now have a daughter who loves to sleep! Such a transformation - within a couple of days, our daughter went from only falling asleep in our arms or bed, to self settling , linking sleep cycles, sleeping in the day, not waking at night, and most of all a happier baby! I cant thank Justine enough - we owe her so much ...... my only regret was i should have called her earlier !"

Thanks again Justine xo xo


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