Meet Danielle - Manawatu Baby Sleep Consultant

Meet Danielle - Manawatu Baby Sleep Consultant

Meet Danielle - Manawatu Baby Sleep Consultant

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Danielle has a degree in nutrition and is a mother of two young girls who has personally experienced severe sleep deprivation and the effects this can have on a family and the individual. Applying her previous skills and experience as a baby and toddler nutritionist, Danielle uses a holistic approach to help her clients achieve their sleep goals with support and empathy. 


Toni - Rylee 6 Months

"When my husband and I first started with sleep training we were very skeptical. Day one was difficult to stick to the plan, but we did. By day three we noticed remarkable changes with ease of naps and our babe even started showing signs of self settling. After 2 weeks of routine we are all so much more confident and proud of how well we have all done. My husband now raves about the training we have received and is telling others about it. This training has worked wonders with our 7 month old and her transition to daycare. We thank you so much Danielle for your support and encouragement all hours around the clock ❤️🥰"

Sarah – Aliana 4.4 years

"Aliana is now consistently falling asleep at a much more appropriate time and without my husband or I needing to lay next to her. She is waking much less overnight and wakes for the day at around 7am. We now have a good routine with less fussing by her in the evening. We have great resources and knowledge to progress this further in the future. Being able to get Aliana through the bedtime routine and asleep at a reasonable time is amazing now. Thank you for your support and help over the last 2 weeks. We feel in a much better place to have some 'adult' time in the evening and continue to support her towards better sleep in the future "

Ash – Remy 7.5 months

"Danielle gave us the confidence we needed to tackle Remy’s sleep for a second time. He was 7.5 months and waking for milk anywhere from 2-5 times per night and wanting to be up for the day at 5.30. From day one we saw improvements, and in just over a week we had dropped all night feeds and Remy was resettling without too much fuss. Danielle was very encouraging and gave us lots of extra tips along the way. Sleeping baby definitely made for a much happier Mum and Dad"


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