Meet Emma T, one of our Wellington Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Emma T, one of our Wellington Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Emma T, one of our Wellington Baby Sleep Consultants

Baby Sleep Consultant, Wellington 

027 320 7477

"I have worked with children and their parents for many years in my role as a nanny and primary school teacher.

As a teacher I saw first hand what the effects of sleep deprivation on children trying to learn, and transfer those skill from short term memory to long term memory. 

As a student I learnt that the sleep habits we create in the early years become our sleep habits for life.

Like everything else, sleep in the first 1000 days is vital for development, learning, emotional regulation, growth and well being.

And as a mother of 2 I understand how vital it is, for both baby and parents, to get a good night’s sleep.

Working with the baby sleep consultant team for both of my children sparked my desire to help other parents with their children’s sleep.

I am passionate about working with parents and their families to get the sleep they need in a way that values and supports their own parenting values.

If you are ready for a change in your house, I would love to help you and your family on your journey to the sleep you all deserve and need."


 "We engaged Emma (Wellington Baby Sleep Consultant) to help us find an appropriate routine for Baby #2 as we had a terrible sleeper the first time around and we were really wanting to avoid history repeating itself.

She listened with open ears and an open heart, and made us feel very comfortable with the steps that we were taking as well as suggesting additional steps going forward.

She empowered us to make the right decisions for our family and told us the science behind why some things work and gently guided us into a routine which works for our family.

Emma is highly recommended and we will not hesitate to use her going forward or to recommend her to other families." – Miranda

"Emma’s help has been an absolute blessing for my sanity!

I found myself in an exhausting pattern of feeding my little boy off to sleep throughout the night and struggling to get anything much longer than a catnap during the day.

With her supportive guidance we’ve been able to turn that all around. Nathan is now settling easily for his day naps and is consistently sleeping for longer periods at night. I felt that Emma (Wellington Baby Sleep Consultant)  took our needs and parenting style into consideration as we worked towards our sleep goals. I can happily recommend Emma’s sleep help.” - Sarah

"I have just had the pleasure of having Emma (Wellington Baby Sleep Consultant) work with me to help with my daughter Isla (1yr old) sleep.

Isla was being fed or rocked to sleep sometimes for up to four hours at a time, and waking every hour or two throughout the night, sometimes wanting to be fed, sometimes just crying inconsolably.

We were both totally exhausted, and I was struggling to find time to spend with my other two children in the evenings. Emma came up with a detailed plan that allowed me to be there to support Isla as she went to sleep as I wanted to take a gentle approach, and worked with me to be able to fit in my older childrens activities as well. 

Emma gave me lots of feedback and ideas to help tweak what I was doing and get it just right for us.

She provided fantastic support throughout the entire process.

Her advice has proved to be invaluable. I couldn’t believe it when Isla had two proper naps on the very first day, and slept through the night from day five! She even slept through the very night that four new teeth came through!

Both Isla and I really enjoy the bedtime routine that Emma suggested to us, it’s become a lovely time for us both to relax a little. The difference to my whole family is huge, I can now put Isla to bed, knowing she will happily sleep all night, and then I have time to spend with my two older children and my husband. I just wish I’d done this 6 months ago!" ~ Poppy 

Reach our Wellington Baby Sleep Consultant Emma here:
027 320 7477

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