Meet Louise, One Of Our Local Auckland Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Louise, One Of Our Local Auckland Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Louise, One Of Our Local Auckland Baby Sleep Consultants

Baby Sleep Consultant, Auckland

Call 021 813 483 

My passion for infant and child sleep originated from 10 years of nannying. I have seen how having a baby who does not sleep can affect an entire family. And how once that child is sleeping, the whole family dynamics change in the most positive way. However, it wasn’t until my daughter was born in 2013 that I truly understood the powerful effect of sleep deprivation and the emotional battle that goes with deciding to sleep train you child.
Through studying with Emma at Baby Sleep Consultants, I have learnt the true importance of regular naps and night time sleep and how vital it is for the health and development of a child.Through my years of working closely in many different families from all backgrounds, I have collected a range of different tools for my toolbox and I am positive that no matter what your sleep goals are, we can achieve them together.I do not believe there is a “one size fits all” approach to achieving these goals and there are many different factors that need to be taken into account when deciding on the best approach for you and your child.


“Thank you for all your help Louise, I really thought at 9 months we had left it to late, but Euan is still sleeping through the night and has done every night since your visit. His naps are brilliant and we feel so much happier as a family. Thank you again.” 


“Louise the compassion you showed for me over our two weeks really made the entire sleep training process a breeze, I felt like you really understood what we needed and helped us achieve that as a family. Addison is now self soothing, something I really didn’t think we could achieve in two weeks, she is so much happier and more content throughout the day. I wish I had called you sooner!”


“Louise helped us with our twins when they hit 6 months old and still needed to be rocked to sleep, she listened to our parenting style and allowed us to chose a method we felt comfortable with. Her understanding even when I was ready to crack was such a huge asset. She encouraged us and changed our plan when we needed a fresh set of ideas a few months later.

Our twins are now 10 months old and we would not hesitate to use Louise for baby number 3, her knowledge around all things sleep was amazing. We are so grateful for a full nights sleep!”


“Thank you Louise, you have been the support, motivation and encouragement we needed to get our just turned 3 year old out of needing us to stay in his room til he fell asleep, which then turned into a few night wakings for the last couple of months. You suggested a particular technique and then knew when we needed to adapt to change tact and supported us to carry on. You were just so positive about everything. Now our little boy is back to sleeping well, asleep by 7pm and awake 6.30am. Thank you  :)” 


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