Meet Michelle, One Of Our Wellington Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Michelle, One Of Our Wellington Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Michelle, One Of Our Wellington Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Baby Sleep Consultant, Wellington

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As a Wellington Sleep Consultant and a parent I know the importance and sometimes elusiveness of sleep when it comes to children, and the range of feelings that come along with that situation!

Sleep was a real challenge in our house, despite my best efforts I could not get my baby the sleep I knew he so desperately needed.With help from Baby Sleep Consultant things quickly turned around and the change was immense for our whole family. There is really something amazing about seeing your happy well rested child waking up from naps each day!

Prior to being a Mum I worked as an early childhood teacher and nanny so I have lots of experience working with families and understand the struggles that can occur around sleep and how vital sleep is for children's health and development.I have also studied counselling and know the pressures that parents face and the emotions they feel while trying to do what is best for their child. This enables me to support parents while creating a sleep solution for their child.

Through my training to become a Wellington Baby Sleep Consultant I have learnt many different approaches to help guide parents through the developmental changes that effect sleep, and understand that there are a lot of factors that contribute to getting your baby the best sleep possible. Sleep is such an important biological need for children and their parents and as the Wellington Baby Sleep Consultant I enjoy helping people find the unique solution to their situation and offering support to get healthy sleep habits established.


“Thanks so much to Michelle (Wellington Baby Sleep Consultant) who helped us get sleep on track. 
With 5 kids,our house is very busy and we have a tight routine and didn’t have the time and confidence to try sort our little ones sleep. 
I really didn’t think this was going to work for us. After thinking about it for months and even considered it with our fourth baby ( so wish I had done it then) we finally decided to get a sleep consultant come to our home. 
Michelle was so lovely and was there basically on call for support as I needed her for the next week. Our 9 month old, who literally slept at the breast all night, now sleeps on his own bed all night and is reaching for bed at every sleep time. 
The whole dynamic of the house has changed my hubby and I have more time to spend with our other children and each other. Would absolutely recommend to anyone in need.” 


A HUGE thank you to Michelle (Wellington Baby Sleep Consultant) for helping us with a very, very sleep deprived little 6 month old. In one night we saw results and were absolutely blown away with how our little one responded to the training. Within two nights she went from waking every 45mins to 2 hours, to waking once.
You have restored our families sanity and we could not recommend you enough! 


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