Meet Sacha, One Of Our Manawatu Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Sacha, One Of Our Manawatu Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Sacha, One Of Our Manawatu Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Mentor for Baby Sleep Consultant Training Ltd

Call 021 722 428

Hi, I’m Sacha Barrack, mum of Edward and Heidi.

I have been passionate about babies and their sleep since giving birth to Edward nearly five years ago. As a new mother I found it almost impossible to function on such a lack of sleep, combined with being alone a lot with my husband flying away so often, and sought the answers to give me both more sleep, and a happy, healthy baby. By being fortunate enough to train through Baby Sleep Consultant, my knowledge about infant and child sleep and the tools one can use to improve it have helped families to give their own babies and children the gift of good sleep.

It makes me so happy hearing from parents about their newfound sleep and sharing in their joy when they realise that they can help their babies to achieve better sleep with a simple plan put into action.

I believe the quality of sleep we have can effect every area of our lives. A baby who sleeps well is more likely to feed well and be generally content, and a mother who sleeps well is able to give more of herself in every aspect of parenting and enjoy those precious early years more, because let’s face it, they pass so very quickly.

I firmly believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to sleep, and that parenting philosophies must be supported when assisting with baby sleep. With a combination of consistency and practical advice I believe anyone can have a baby who sleeps well and appropriately for their age. I have a background and interest in health, and prior to having my children I studied Nursing at Massey University in Palmerston North, as well as working at a children’s mental health facility as a Youth Support Worker and prior to that, a Nanny. I love working with any age from newborn right through to older toddlers, and also have experience in toddler behaviour management and toilet training.

I look forward to working alongside you on your journey to better sleep.


“Sacha brings to the team her confidence and experience with children and parenting, especially solo parenting. She has helped so many mum’s establish healthy sleep habits whilst lacking the support of another parent in the house. This is a unique situation which we can all relate to.

Sacha’s approach is both personal and professional, she offers parents the space to off load while still being able to support and encourage them as they make positive changes to their babies sleep habits. We are very lucky to have a consultant like Sacha on the team.”

Emma - Baby Sleep Consultant Founder

“I just HAD to email you to let you know how amazing your services are. We were so lucky to have Sacha as our consultant. Right away I had so much confidence in her cos I could tell she knew her stuff but was also lovely to deal with and I knew she could relate to us.

I basically jumped right into it and we started that night after our initial consult! (In fact an hour after I received my assessment!) and basically we had instant success!! The first night our baby did cry for an hour but then slept through the night! A short two weeks later we pop her into bed and she selfs settles and sleeps so well. Not only that she is eating better and in a happier mood!

I can only describe it as life changing! We have our lives back and we are really enjoying our baby more than ever before. So a HUGE thank you to BSC and especially Sacha. I tell everyone who will listen how amazing you guys are! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!” 


“Thank you so much Sacha for your support over this week. He is now resettling independently and I imagine tonight may be his first full night’s sleep since Christmas! Also the tips around diet and routine were so valuable for us, and this I think has really made a difference to his nights also!

So thank you for you help you have been great! I won’t hesitate to use you again or recommend you guys to my friends and family.” 


“SACHA IS AMAZING and perhaps the nicest person i’ve met. She was so positive, non judgemental  and caring. My husband and I think she is wonderful and it was a huge comfort to us both to have her with us and hear her words of wisdom and reassurance. What a fantastic service and thank you, thank you, thank you for the massive improvements in just 3 days that have made life bright again. XXXX 


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