Surely I can keep going...

Surely I can keep going...

Surely I can keep going...

"Where do I start ...


I had been looking up for weeks about sleep consultants on Instagram, watching stories, reading reviews.

Thinking to myself things aren’t really that bad at home surely I can keep going with what I’m doing.

Co sleeping, feeding and rocking to sleep. Ayla was waking 7-10 times a night. I had started to feel really drained and I noticed my mood change I was more upset and short fused.

That’s when I knew I had to ask for help. I had been looking at your page and my husband read one of the reviews and I had burst into tears.

Thinking really could I be writing something like that one day, surely not. 

I had requested for the 15 minute consult, thinking what have a got to lose. 

The wonderful Brooke called me, within minutes of speaking to her I felt a sense of calm. I remember the whole conversation I was nodding to what she was saying. I booked the 2 hour home visit shortly after speaking with Brooke. 

Brooke had set me up with a routine that I followed for the day leading up to when she arrived. 

That morning Ayla followed the plan exactly as per schedule, even sleeping in her cot for the first time in WEEKS! I couldn’t believe it. Brooke guided me and gave us tips on what to do. 

That night Ayla slept ALL NIGHT! Only if I had done the same I was watching the monitor on and off all night thinking surly she’s going to wake up any minute. 

We are now at day 3 I have seen massive changes in Ayla and myself.  Ayla is much more happier during the day, sleeping all night and she has been resettling herself.

I can’t wait to see how the next few weeks go. I even sat down this morning with a hot coffee before she woke up. I feel happy, content and like I am able to handle each day.


I count my lucky stars Brooke called me and has been guiding us. Brooke has a wealth of knowledge and is such a beautiful person. Not for a second would I hesitate to reach out again if we ever needed help. 


Thank you Brooke for helping us understand Ayla and helping out our family. We couldn’t of done it without you. "


Kind regards Chantelle 


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