The rabbit who wants to fall asleep – should you buy it?

The rabbit who wants to fall asleep – should you buy it?

The rabbit who wants to fall asleep – should you buy it?

Everyone is talking about the book written by a Swedish Psychologist which apparently puts children to sleep in less than 10 minutes.

The book is a children’s book designed using trigger words such as “fall asleep”, “go to sleep” and “close your eyes”. These trigger words remind children what they are in bed to do, and encourage the sleep process.

The Author claims the sentence structure and pattern is the equivalent of rocking a baby to sleep, perfectly structured to lull a child of to sleep quickly and effortlessly. He has written in cues for parents to let them know when they need to slow their voice or model yawning and being tired. This makes it almost a hypnotic story for tired children.

The book has raced to number ONE on the amazon list, but a word of warning if you down load the e-book, keep the children away from the blue light of the ipod screen which will block their melatonin production and inhibit sleep.

Should you rush out and buy the book?

If you are having toddler or child sleep issues, the book could well be part of a great bed time routine and it enable children who struggle to zone out and switch off to fall asleep faster. Children who can’t lie still or switch of their minds benefit from mindfulness exercises such as stories and breathing exercises (sitting still like a frog) which is exactly what this rabbit book does.

If your toddler struggles to fall asleep we always recommend a bed time routine which involves reminding them of your expectations such as close your eyes, and go to sleep. This is what this book is reminding parents to do. The yawning is a form of roll play and this is one of the easiest ways to encourage change in a toddler’s behaviour.

So yes absolutely buy the book if you are looking for something to aid your child at bed time. But remember its a tool, just like a sleep trainer clock, or a lovey. It needs to be used correctly and in conjunction with good routine, diet, timing and consistency to have a positive impact!

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