What happens at a coffee group talk?

What happens at a coffee group talk?

What happens at a coffee group talk?

What exactly happens at a Baby Sleep Consultant Coffee Group?

Is sleep a hot topic when you get together with your coffee group?

We figured the supportive environment of your coffee group was the best place for us to present group information on your baby’s or toddler’s sleep.

Parents love our coffee group talks! They get everyone talking, and you will learn so much!

Come to a coffee group, wondering exactly how to fix your cat napping situation, or wondering how to solve those frequent night wake ups? Or how to introduce solids in a way that they wont interfere with sleep?

Leave your talk feeling empowered and confident! You will know exactly what to do moving forward to ensure you and your family get the sleep you all need.

You will feel assured that you are not going through isolated issues, so many mums are struggling with similar sleep issues, and your coffee group friends are too!

Watch the video below to learn more about our coffee group talks.

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