Meet Candy

Hi! My name is Candy, and I’m a mum of two girls, a wife, and an anaesthetic nurse. I had 6 months of two under two and to say it was challenging was an understatement.

I too had read the books, I knew about awake times, I knew about setting up activities for my toddler while I put the baby to sleep, but what happened when the toddler didn’t want to play, or the baby didn’t go down easily? I enlisted the help of a sleep consultant for both of my girls, and honestly I wished I had done it sooner. We went from sleep deprived and exhausted during the day, to much better, predictable days & much more sleep.

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My experience with these sleep consultants is what sparked my passion for sleep. There is so much information available to parents about the do’s & don’t of baby sleep that it can become overwhelming and as mothers we can begin trying all of the things at once to just get a bit more sleep. I love that in this job I can sift through the mountains of information for parents and tailor a plan to suit their child and their family, and support them through the changes. Sleep deprivation can often be glorified as being part and parcel of the mum gig and I love helping families realise that although, yes, their sleep will change, they don’t have to be sleep deprived and barely functioning.

While working together, I will get to know your child(children), and your family and take a holistic approach to their sleep issues, in order to find a solution that not only suits everyone, but also feels right for your family!

I look forward to getting the opportunity to help many families improve their sleep x

I turned to Candice exhausted, for help with my 11 month old, who couldn't sleep without being fed to sleep and was waking multiple times overnight. Candice was amazing! Not only will my daughter now self settle after a few minutes, she is also sleeping through far better than I ever thought she could! I also got some really good insight into milk and solids, really looking at the whole picture. Thank you so much for your support and guidance


I thought I was going to go insane looking after a catnapping 4 month old who only wanted to sleep in my arms (or beside me in bed) at night. But thanks to Candice who came up with a plan that worked not only for my daughter but also worked with my 16 months old schedule my daughter is achieving longer decent naps, sleeping in her cot at night (so I get my nights to myself again), and more importantly she seems much happier now she is getting more sleep. If you find yourself at a loss with your little one's sleep I recommend Candice.


I am so happy with how far they have come and with the routine and being able to plan out the days around them and I feel like I can enjoy the time so much more knowing what I’m up for and knowing what the plan is and have so much more confidence if things go wrong I know what to do.