Meet Hailey

Over my years as a nanny and a primary school teacher, I witnessed the dramatic impact of sleep deprivation both on children and their parents. The benefits of sleep are profound on both physical and mental health and I was determined to adopt the skills to change the lives of families struggling with their child’s sleep.

My teaching degree equipped me with extensive knowledge on the social and cognitive development of a child and many years of in-home care allowed me to apply these concepts to help children thrive. My lack of knowledge on sleep led me to research infant sleep so I could better support children and their families. I completed training to become a certified baby sleep consultant and I am now thoroughly enjoying imparting my knowledge onto parents and carers around the world.

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Troubleshooting sleep has become my passion and I love the beautiful range of families I encounter along the way. I offer no judgement as I get to know your family needs and discuss your expectations, to see how we can get as close to them as biologically possible.

Every child is unique and I spend a lot of time and effort tailoring plans to individual temperaments, personalities and developmental stages. Having my own baby has helped me better understand the dynamics of motherhood and I put my heart and soul into my assistance, knowing how fragile you may feel. I am a strong believer in educating parents so they can take the information, combine it with their motherly instincts and implement changes that align with their parenting style

Hailey, your support was outstanding. You went above and beyond all of our expectations. You were kind, polite, receptive and extremely supportive of all of our parenting choices. You always answered questions and helped to troubleshoot at any point. We cannot believe our 4 month old daughter Annabelle is now able to sleep through the night without any strong sleep props. As a baby that suffered with severe silent reflux and up to 10 wake ups per night, we cannot believe how our lives have changed. You really took the time to get to know our family and what might work for us, as well as making adjustments along the way. We cannot thank you enough!


Hailey, where do I start? I cannot thank you enough. I thought I had sleep training down pat because of my daughter. Boy was I wrong! I finally took a leap and engaged you to write an individualised plan for my very fussy son. You understood my frustrations and you empathised with me, never judging. Instead, you continuously observed his sleep patterns and tailored it to better suit his individual needs. You were patient with us, and always so kind. I cannot thank you enough. I went from having 3 hrs of broken sleep a night to almost getting a full night’s sleep. My baby boy not only suffered from severe reflux, but needed to be rocked to sleep, woke multiple times through the night and was up at 5am on the daily. My son no longer needs to be rocked to sleep and is slowly but surely waking up at a decent hour. Thank you so much Hailey. A true baby whisperer.


If you have suffered sleeplessness after your baby is born, and are so desperate for a healthy regular life pattern with your little one(s), Hailey is that right person to help you.
Very very thankful for her extraordinarily polite and patient, receptive and considerate, consistent and responsive support.

We were disheartened by William’s irregular sleep patterns, didn’t have a single overnight sleep after he was born. Having tried different methods and all ended up with a give-up, we once believed it was impossible for our 11-month-old to have a normal and regular sleeping routine. Hailey reversed the dilemma. She provided me with a detailed questionnaire, followed by a workable training plan targeting our situation. She proactively followed up with me every day regarding William’s response and our feedback, so she was able to keep tailoring our plan accordingly. Hailey is so knowledgeable that though virtually, all her reasonable assumptions on William’s sleeping performance based on my literal description about William’s daytime were proven true on the second day.

Before we met Hailey, William didn’t have regular daytime naps, bed-sharing with us for 8 months, and woke up six to seven times a night plus three to four feeds. After two and a half weeks working with Hailey, now William is able to sleep in his cot on his own and settle himself down to sleep in most cases. He just has his first-ever overnight sleep without wakeup today. Simply amazing.


Wow!!! Hailey is amazing. I reached out to Hailey when my little girl hit the 4 month regression and she would only cat nap and would be waking multiple times a night. I did question wether I was doing the right thing and I am so happy that I took the plunge.

Hailey takes into account family dynamics, parenting style and bubs personality.

We ditched the dummy and adjusted a few things, and within a couple of days my daughter was going to sleep independently and sleeping for longer stretches. Within a week I was starting to have to wake her from naps and she was sleeping all night with the exception of one feed.

I got the 2 week support package and Hailey was honestly so supportive. It allowed me to gain confidence in tweaking the routine depending on how the day was going. I now can troubleshoot any mishaps and my girls goes to bed happy every night.