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Life is all about balance, which is why Kelly takes a holistic, solutions-focused approach to sleep.

Kelly uses her experience from the health and fitness industry to help families achieve the restorative sleep they need and achieve optimum balance and sleep health.

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I cannot say enough about our sleep consultant, Kelly and the services offered by Baby Sleep Consultant. The support, expertise and guidance I was offered were absolutely second to none, and Kelly could not have been more helpful, supportive or understanding. She is incredibly solutions-driven and any time I came up against an issue, she had an array of advice and suggestions for me. Her encouragement buoyed me up immensely, and allowed me to achieve success with teaching bubba to self-settle and sleep by himself. At all times, Kelly’s message was positive and I could tell she really believes in what she’s doing, because she knows that it works. I was truly amazed at the progress we were able to make in a few short days. Kelly, you facilitated us through what would otherwise have been a very challenging experience with calm, grace, a sense of humour and so much valuable information. The service you offer, the detail and care you take with your clients and your approachable nature meant that this has been a truly fantastic (and life-changing) experience for us. We cannot thank you enough.