Meet Mary

As an early childhood educator and maternity nanny I have always had a passion for supporting families and felt a huge calling to help parents in those early years of raising children.

After having 3 children of my own I realised how much parents are battling after they bring their baby home from the hospital. There is so much information and support around pregnancy and birth but once you take that baby home you are really on your own!

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One of the major hot topics amongst new parents is sleep! I lived sleep deprivation first hand with my second born, a reflux baby who cat napped all day long and screamed all night. When he was 12 months old I started studying with Baby Sleep Consultant and was able to troubleshoot my own child’s sleep issues, and once we were all sleeping again everything became more manageable and happy! He was a different child altogether.

From there I was hooked, I became certified and went on to help exhausted parents and children get the sleep they need and I couldn’t think of a more rewarding job.

I believe every child is unique and I look forward to giving parents guidance and support to achieve their sleep goals, in a way that suits their parenting style and child’s temperament

A miracle worker! Mary saved our sanity and our family. My 2 year old had been a terrible sleeper since day one and we were at breaking point. Mary met with us, was sympathetic to our needs and concerns and worked out a plan specifically for our family. And I didn’t have to leave my child to cry as I had feared. Within a week I was able to put my child to bed and leave her to fall asleep on her own – which she has EVERY NIGHT SINCE!


Mary is amazing! I can’t believe how much effort and care she put in to helping my daughter form better sleep habits. Thanks to Mary I now understand my daughters sleep needs so much better and she is much happier and more settled because of it. Thank you, Mary!