Newborn sleep is imperative for growth and development

Newborns need a lot of sleep, and they present unique challenges when it comes to troubleshooting why your newborn isn’t sleeping.

With enough sleep your newborn will thrive!

Benefits of Newborn sleep support

  • Misconceptions around newborn sleep can make the first few months confusing and stressful.
  • Create the best sleep habits possible given your baby’s temperament, age and stage.

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Newborn sleepy signs

Tired signs can be a good way of keeping track of whether your baby is grizzling for food or sleep.

Start to look for early tired signs such as decreased activity, slower motions, less vocal, weaker sucking, calmer, eyes dropping, and red eye brows.

If you start to clock watch and tired sign watch, you’ll start to understand your babies cues with confidence.

Suddenly what felt like another language becomes your first language, and you’ll understand your babies needs.

Why is your newborn not sleeping?…

  • Newborn sleep gets hard when babies are hungry, windy, in pain, over stimulated, or under stimulated.
  • A hungry newborn won’t sleep, always try a top up feed as part of your troubleshooting efforts.
  • Newborns have a calming reflex that takes the right amount of stimulation to trigger. This is triggering their sympathetic nervous system to calm your baby and sleep will come.
  • Sleep environment plays a huge role in newborn sleep, it should be both safe and sleep inducing. Try white noise and black out blinds for a simple solution.

FREE Newborn Sleep Research E-Guide