Night Sleep is Fundamental

Broken or fragmented night sleep is actually the number 1 cause of sleep deprivation. Find out if your baby is ready to sleep through the night with our check list.

Benefits of better night sleep

  • Happier baby, happy parents.
  • Better nights mean less reverse cycling.
  • NOt waking over tired means better naps too.

Why is your Baby waking?

There is a big misconception that babies who sleep through the night, don’t wake at night, but the truth is, we all wake at night, and those babies who can re-settle independently, go back to sleep with no dramas, and those who can’t, or are hungry, will cry out.

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Night sleep becomes more broken when…

  • Baby is over tired from poor day naps.
  • Baby is over feeding and this creates gas and un-settledness
  • Baby is reverse cycling and taking a lot of night feeds
  • Baby is dependent on a settling approach, they’ve outgrown
  • Baby is over sleeping in the day, and this is robbing night sleep.
  • Baby is sleeping at times that don’t support night sleep.
  • They’ve outgrown their dream feed.
  • Dummy is being replaced by you every few hours.
  • Baby is in pain from reflux.
  • Baby is ready to be unswaddled…and more…

Download My FREE sleeping through the night check list.