Settling by temperament

Every baby has their own temperament and settling has to suit temperament.

Trying to teach self settling when the strategy doesn't suit the temperament is hard!

Settling that is temperament appropriate

  • Is easier settling because it suits your babies age and stage.
  • Isn’t over stimulating and complicated.
  • Teaches baby to settle quickly and easily
  • Helps parents to understand their babies needs

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Why is your Baby struggling to settle?

Commonly babies who are struggling to settle have a sleep association they are dependent on, and this association is no longer working or age appropriate.

Sometimes, there are very habitual settling practices which need to be addressed and changed in order for your baby to learn to go through the stages of falling asleep unaided.

Settling vs Self settling…

  • Newborn babies need hands on settling, but his can be gradually reduced to encourage the natural development of self settling.
  • Older babies who are able to self settle become frustrated by hands on approaches, and take a long time to eventually give in and sleep, they are being over stimulated.
  • When settling results in frequent wake ups, self settling is the solution.
  • Age appropriate settling or self settling often results in better naps, longer night sleep, not to mention easily settling with less tears.

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