5 success strategies for raising twins

5 success strategies for raising twins

5 success strategies for raising twins

5 ways I made my life easier with twins:

I get asked ‘how do you do it?’ or get called ‘supermum’ or worse ‘double trouble’ or ‘you’ve got your hands full’ by strangers when I’m out with both boys. Some days I’m not too sure how I do it and I definitely don’t feel like supermum! Other days, everyone gets out of the house, on time with teeth brushed and shoes on the right feet and I silently pray to the parent-gods.

Here are my five top tips that make my life easier

  1. Don’t be a hero;

When your twins arrive, you will have plenty of well-wishers coming to coo over your precious wee babes. Ask each visitor to bring something with them; dinner, cake, groceries etc. or while they are visiting get them to help to fold the washing or unstack the dishwasher for you. As time goes on and offers of lasagne for the freezer will lessen, still ask for help. My hero last week was a random lady in the supermarket who pushed my trolley to the car and put the shopping in the car as I held two squirming (who am I kidding – fully melting down) toddlers.

  1. Routine, routine, routine;

We got the boys into a regular routine early on, if one baby woke, we would wake the other for a feed and within a few weeks everyone knew the pattern of the day. As they’ve gotten older, we added rules to the routine; when we read them books at bedtime, each one picks a book they want. Once we’ve read one, we then remind them the next book is the last one before bed. They know we only read two, and there’s no room for an argument. This gives them some control over the situation but ultimately, we get them to bed on time.

  1. Keep them busy – wear them out;

Our boys are not inside kids, rain or shine, hot or cold they want to be outside running around or tearing around on their bikes. If we are having a tough day, the best thing to do is grab the coats and the gumboots and head out the door.

  1. Divide and conquer;

Whether it’s putting one in daycare and having the day on your own, getting some quality one on one time, or if hubby takes one with him to do the groceries on his own. One child is a breeze! For us, spending some time with just one of the boys and offering them our undivided attention really helps to reset their (and our) mood and remind us why we had these awesome wee dudes.

  1. Enjoy it;

My boys will be three in October, I’m sure all parents say this but where has the time gone? The challenges have been plentiful throughout the last three years but different challenges at different stages. Newborn was a whirl of getting to know these small babies and ourselves as parents. We had found our feet and developmental leaps and regressions came our way!

Twins are great. And hard. And maddening. And great. And so hard. There’s just nothing like them in the world. You’ll be so glad you get to be their mama.

Especially after they fall asleep.


Becky is a twin mum, Certified Baby Sleep Consultant and Super Hero to Waikato Sleepless mums.
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