Live at the Auckland Baby Show – How to teach your baby to sleep through the night

Live at the Auckland Baby Show – How to teach your baby to sleep through the night

Live at the Auckland Baby Show – How to teach your baby to sleep through the night

How to teach your Baby to Sleep through the night, the 5 key factors you NEED to know. 

Live at the Auckland Baby Show

Friday 18th of August 3pm

Saturday 19th August 3.30pm

As the owner of  Baby Sleep Consultant I have worked with thousands of tired parents throughout New Zealand, and without a doubt the one thing we all crave most is a full nights sleep!

Come and see me at the Auckland Baby Show and learn how to achieve this.

I understand that newborns need frequent night feeding, and that all babies reach the milestone of sleeping through the night at different stages.

But what if there were 5 things you could be doing which would ensure when your baby was ready to sleep through the night they would.

These factors are simple to implement, they will positively help you and your baby get more sleep, and they won’t take months to happen.

You can begin to install healthy sleep habits from birth, working on positive sleep associations, good timing and avoiding over tiredness. Then as your baby matures they will naturally consolidate and extend out how long they sleep for at night.

But if things haven’t gone as planned, or you have a tricky baby, or you have just decided to change the way you night parent, then these 5 changes will help you along in less than a week.

I will be covering all of this at the Auckland Baby Show, and more!

Come along and ask me all your questions, take home my free routines and tips sheet. Implement my proven strategies immediately and walk away with the confidence to tackle your night time sleep dramas.

As a mother I have been where you are and I understand the stress lack of sleep brings on the entire family. I have 3 young children, and I remember sitting up with them night after night, wishing for more sleep! I needed support and guidance in how to achieve that, but felt there wasn’t anyone available with the knowledge I needed.

It was from this need that Baby Sleep Consultant NZ was developed and has grown to be New Zealand’s largest and most trusted team of sleep consultants.

Our experience means we can help you in a way that doesn’t compromise your parenting style. Parents tell us they there relationships are suffering from lack of sleep, they feel stressed and exhausted. Mum’s are having trouble with sleep deprivation causing post natal depression, and that sense of failure when they can’t get there babies or toddlers to sleep.

We love empowering the parents we see, giving mums back their confidence, there bounce and there spark! This is what sleep can do!

Never under estimate how great you’ll feel after a full nights sleep!

I look forward to seeing you at the Auckland Baby Show at my seminars.

I will also be at the Sleepytot stand throughout the day answering all your burning sleep questions, so come and say hi!

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