Baby Jack – 10 months old

Baby Jack – 10 months old

Baby Jack – 10 months old

Baby Jack slept in mum and dad’s room, underneath a sheet and blanket, at 10 months old he was breastfed and eating 3 solid meals a day.

Jack had recently started day care full time and was having a hard time adjusting to this.

He didn’t have a dummy or a cuddly, and Mum had started to leave him to cry for 10 minutes and then would go and hold him until he fell asleep or feed him asleep.

This kind of inconsistency unfortunately only taught Jack to cry for 10 minutes and then Mum will soothe him to sleep.

Jack napped well during the day and clearly had some self soothing skills as he had a big 2 hour nap once a day.

Mum was studying/working full time so really needed some more sleep at night – Jack was waking every 3 hours or less over night and was being fed back to sleep.

After assessing Jack’s sleep patterns, I tailored a specific plan for Mum to implement.

Night 1

Jack took 1.5 hours to settle to sleep – well done mum on being so consistent.
He still woke throughout the night but was only feed twice between 7pm-7am and Mum used her new settling technique for all other wake ups.

Night 3

He only took 4 minutes to self soothe for naps, and was no longer fed to sleep at all.
He was becoming really attached to his new “lovey” “frogger” and this was helping him settle down at day care.

Was still having 2 feeds between 7pm-7am.

Night 6

Jack was settling in the night with no feeds in less than 25 minutes, his wake ups were down to twice a night over 12 hours.

Night 10

Jack now goes to sleep at 6.30pm and sometimes wakes at 11pm and/or 3am, has squawk or a “mantra cry” for a minutes and then quickly settles back to sleep for the remainder of the night.

Mum now gets a lot more sleep and has more time and patience for her 2 beautiful children.

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