Meet Kellie, One Of Our Rotorua Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Kellie, One Of Our Rotorua Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Kellie, One Of Our Rotorua Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Baby Sleep Consultant, Rotorua

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Hi, my name is Kellie, I have a Bachelor in Teaching (Early Childhood Education) and a postgraduate Diploma in Child Protection.

Parenting is one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs around, however, when combined with sleep deprivation it also becomes one of the most challenging. I understand first-hand the frustration, the physical and emotional exhaustion and the overwhelming feeling of desperation that comes with unsuccessfully trying to help your little one sleep.

My own experiences and training has lead me to believe that there is no blanket approach to solving sleep issues, success comes with a plan tailored to your individual child, your family and your parenting style. I understand that your family is the most important thing and healthy sleep habits are an essential part of a happy healthy family

I have a background in both early childhood education and in child protection services and have spent the past 10 years working with children and their families. Joining the baby sleep consultant team has been my dream job, I have the flexibility to be with my family and still have a positive influence on everyday families. Sleep is an essential part of your child’s learning and development so while the decision to sleep train is never an easy one rest assured you are not only doing the best by your little one but for the overall well being of your family.


“Oh it's fantastic to have our evenings back. Many thanks to Kellie Verster who has worked with us for the past few weeks. 

Our little Toby, what a dynamo. Unlike our first baby boy, Toby was just such a cuddly, always-wanting-to-feed, refluxy, couldn't-bear-to-go-to-sleep kind of baby. We'd be up to 9pm with him or even later with him, and waking every 2 hours overnight. By 4 months I was exhausted!

Unbelievably, Kellie had us sorted out in 3 days. With the change in routine, Toby wasn't so overtired, and he started going to sleep at 7pm, and waking once to feed overnight. After this it was just fine-tuning! 

Thanks Kellie for listening so patiently, and being so understanding. I was really grateful to have someone right there to give me advice, especially when Toby just would not go back to sleep. Kellie also gave us really helpful and sensible advice about seeking guidance on Toby's reflux, latch, and other medical issues (and I'm a paediatric doctor too, so I appreciate the way Kellie worked in so beautifully with other health professionals). 

What was really incredible was how Kellie's advice made us think about the way we were doing our older son's bedtime routine too. We realised that her advice applied to him too, even though he's always been a good sleeper. We started putting our older son to bed earlier, and his daytime behaviour and mood improved in the morning! What a bonus. 

Kellie, thank you! Would contact you again in a flash. Will be recommending you to many others. Kia kaha. My hubby and I still high five when we have both kids in bed at 7pm.” 


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