Baby Jack – 6.5 Months With Reflux

Baby Jack – 6.5 Months With Reflux

Baby Jack – 6.5 Months With Reflux

Jack’s dad was a friend of my neighbor, who had said to him in the past if things are such a struggle I think you really need to call Sam, but at the time I don’t think Mum and Dad were quite ready or thought that things may improve with time.

By 6.5 months Mum and Dad had tried everything they could think of and didn’t know what to do next so finally called me. After having a chat, it was evident Jack’s history of reflux had led Mum and Dad to do anything and everything they could to help him settle to sleep, but now his reflux was under control and his sleep still fragmented and difficult.

Jack was described as extremely difficult to settle to sleep, whether during the day or at night, taking a long time to settle and would wake numerous times overnight resulting in feeding or pacing around the house for hours. We booked in for a home consultation to fit around the first nap of the day so that I could check the sleep environment and be there to guide them with settling at nap time. 

I really didn’t know what I was turning up to, it sounded like this child never slept!

Once I arrived, we got to know each other and went over their personal assessment together to help them understand how we could change things for Jack. I then checked where he was sleeping, which was in Mum and Dad’s room as this was easier for them when they had so many night time wake ups to attend to. Once I had a look at the room I could tell that there were a few things we needed to change to support Jack with trying to sleep.

From there I guided Mum and Dad through a wind down routine to help Jack prepare for sleep before we put him down in his cot for his nap.

Often parents overlook a wind down routine for naps even if they have a great evening routine for night sleep. Try a little walk outside in the sun, and then a quiet cuddle and song, or a book and a cuddle.

From here we needed to pick a settling technique which didn’t compromise their parenting style, and we needed a technique these super exhausted parents could be consistent with.

The settling technique that they decided to use was an out of room technique which included check ins to reassure Jack when he needed it. He didn’t like the change and was vocal about it, but still not as loud as he usually was according to Dad. After less than 30mins, and a bit of reassurance, clever Jack had put himself to sleep!

Mum and Dad thought it was amazing as most of the time it was a real battle, plenty of screaming and walking around before Jack would settle to sleep. A success, but would it continue?

After about day 4 I was checking in as I wanted to review some more sleep logs and check everything was tracking as it should. They were more than ok, they really didn’t feel the need to fill in the follow up activity logs because things had been going like a dream!

Jack was now napping like a champ and only waking twice overnight for a quick feed and then back to sleep. I helped them to gradually reduce him down to one feed per night, Jack was sleeping through the night!

The speed of the changes was due to the holistic approach we used, changing his sleep environment, ensuring his nap routine matched his internal biological clock. Checking his diet met all of his requirements and supported his sleep neurologically. Then ensuring the sleep training technique matched Jack’s temperament, and his parents parenting style ensured that Jack learnt to self settle in record time with minimal tears!

Now life is much more predictable and easier for everyone in the family and Dad doesn’t feel guilty if he has to go away on business for a few nights. It just goes to show that by making a few changes you can make the world of difference!

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