From the Founder - Emma

From the Founder - Emma

From the Founder - Emma

Babies and their sleeping habits are my passion. After nearly 6 years of helping mothers get their babies off to sleep I have lost count of the number of people I have helped.

My own three children have provided me with lots of experience, and I fully understand the conflict many parents feel – torn between exhaustion and the love you feel for your baby.

I have a Bachelor of Science and Diploma in Education from the University of Auckland and I am a certified infant and child sleep consultant, happiest baby on the block educator and mother of 3.

I founded Baby Sleep Consultant in response to what I felt was a huge need for quality in home help for children who don’t sleep well. We now cover NZ from Whangarei to Dunedin and have moved into Australia, we are the only registered training provider for infant and child sleep consultancy in Australasia.

My philosophy is based on creating positive sleep associations for your child. This involves sleep preparation routines, a well balanced diet and development of positive sleep habits. Whether its traditional or no cry sleep solutions you are after I am confident I can help you and your child have a better nights sleep.

While every baby is different, I also find that every mum is different too! My philosophy is to tailor the sleep solution into a solution you can work with and are comfortable to introduce – which culminates in your baby sleep improving. In saying this, your commitment to the introduction of a new sleep routine is absolutely the most vital element in achieving success.


On the first night you should not expect your baby or toddler to sleep for a straight 12 hours, this very rarely happens. In most cases the first few nights are the most challenging and improvements can be seen within the first week. To measure success I will ask you to continue to keep the activity log throughout the process. I am here to provide you with help and support until you and your baby are sleeping better, or you are confident you know what you are doing and why.

Sleep has so many neurological, physiological and psychological benefits for both baby and mum, knowing this I am committed to helping you both get a better nights sleep.

I have worked with new babies, through to 4.5 year old pre-schoolers. I’ve worked with babies with colic, reflux, milk allergies, babies struggling to breastfeed, refusing solids, suffering from eczema, hip casts, foot braces, feeding tubes and babies with serious illness’s, babies refusing to nap all day and those staying awake all night.

I work with twins, and babies born premature, I have helped babies on caffeine therapy, and those with numerous allergies including FPIES, I enjoy a challenge and I’m positive your story will not be the worst I’ve heard.

I am the sleep expert who writes for Little Treasures Magazine, I hold sleep workshops across NZ and write for the Multiple Birth Club Association. I regularly hold professional development evenings for day cares and pre-schools.

I have featured on 3rd degree, Breakfast television and won several awards. I have also written for Women’s day and Good Magazine, I have featured in the NZ Herald and North and South Magazine. I have personally worked with over 2000 children, this experience and my extensive knowledge on sleep and all things sleep related; truly makes us NZ’s most popular and sort after infant and child sleep consultants.

My favourite part of the job has to be the turn around I see in the Mums I help. They often start out tearful and anxious due to severe sleep deprivation and this quickly turns into empowered confident and happy parents who are no longer sleep deprived. I love hearing about parents journey’s to where they are now, and love the challenge of working with children outside of the realm of “normal”. Give me a call if you would like to know how I could help you.


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