Baby Hannah – 14 Months

Baby Hannah – 14 Months

Baby Hannah – 14 Months

Hannah also had a rough start to life, she was born with a heart condition which meant all naps where taken on mum as she basically fed and slept on mum all day to conserve energy and allow her to grow and survive until she had her heart operation.

This lead to Hannah developing a feed to sleep association which at 14 months mum and dad needed to change.

Hannah snored sometimes and often mouth breathed which raised a few red flags for us as certified sleep consultants we are aware this can mean sleep apnea could be an issue.

Mum was booked into a sleep clinic to be assessed but had the go ahead from her paediatrician to attempt some no cry sleep training in the mean time, as the appointment was so far away.

We needed to ascertain if Hannah’s excessive wake ups at night were behavioural or from a disruptive sleep apnea.

We agreed Hannah’s recent drop to one nap was too soon, and mum used assisted nap techniques to get Hannah back to taking 2 naps a day – while we worked on her night sleep.

We decided on no cry sleep training due to Hannah’s heart condition, and mum was the most patient I have ever witnessed! By night 4 baby Hannah slept through the night, and after 3 days of nap training after her assisted naps, is also a dream to put down for her naps.

This was a 1-3 week process with ups and downs but the changes in Hannah’s sleep and consequently the entire Families sleep was amazing. What a privilege to help such a unique little girl!

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