Meet Daniela, One Of Our Wellington Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Daniela, One Of Our Wellington Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Daniela, One Of Our Wellington Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Wellington Baby Sleep Consultant

Phone: 022 027 3493

I am a mother of 2 children and know how important it is to get enough sleep at night to be able to deal with the challenges of the next day. In my position as a neonatal/paediatric nurse I have been helping parents over 20 years with sleep and breastfeeding strategies within the hospital setting. I have always been passionate about this new phase in a family and would like to make your family a happy space by getting enough sleep for everyone.

I endeavor to tailor the sleep training to your parenting style and your child’s personality. I want to see you succeeding in getting a more balanced life and will help you through this process. Don’t delay getting help!

Sleep is so important for all of us and having a baby or child is not just about surviving.

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Daniela came up with a gentle solution with controlled crying as I mentioned to her that I don’t like hearing my baby cries too much. She suggested a mixed method which I was far more comfortable to try and also provided me with a personalised sleeping and feeding plan for my baby. She showed me some techniques for how to settle Léon in his cot and, in less than 20 minutes, he was asleep and stayed asleep for his whole lunch nap ­ I had to wake him up! I never thought I would have to do that! Throughout the week Léon has been  getting more and more comfortable with self soothing himself to sleep and he even started to sleep through the night! Daniela kept in touch and was always available for any questions or help we needed throughout that week. It has been a pleasant surprise and I’m very happy to say we haven’t bounced Léon to sleep ever since we started the programme. Thank you Daniela!” 

Daniela is literally a lifesaver.....

I was really struggling with the extremely poor sleeping habits of my 5.5 month old, who was catnapping all day and could never link a sleep cycle and waking 7-9 times a night after midnight. We were also using a dummy to settle him, he would wake whenever it fell out and I had no idea how to take it away without stressing him out.

I was following all the suggested schedules, but to no avail, we would simply continue in the same pattern each day and night, but with an awful lot of extreme crying which was heartbreaking. I had zero time to myself and was completely exhausted from months and months of no sleep, and struggling to keep up with the needs of my baby and I was getting more and more miserable.

I reached out to Daniela (after attending a sleep presentation she gave) in some desperation and with a healthy dose of skepticism that anything she advised wouldn’t work. I just thought my baby was a bad sleeper and it was something I had to live through.

After following Daniela’s instructions and advice, what a turnaround we had. We also benefitted hugely from Daniela’s training as a registered nurse as she immediately identified there was an underlying health issue preventing my baby from sleeping properly (and that I could also benefit from assistance due to my own extreme sleep deprivation), which was resolved through assistance from the wider medical fraternity and once corrected, meant we could use sleep training appropriately." ~ Leah


"Daniela is a clear and calm communicator, supported us through the whole process so we learnt how to settle our baby confidently without confusing it (and without needing it to be on us!) and so it could learn to self settle. She adapts easily to whatever your parenting style is and does not judge your choices. She is also a fierce advocate for the health of the child’s mother, which is extremely rare, but without which nothing functions.

Our household is a back to a happy healthy environment, we are dummy free and our child settles easily and sleeps appropriately for his age. Gone are long days and nights of exhaustion and frustration. I now have the confidence to know which of my baby’s cry’s are nothing to worry about and which need attention.

The follow up attention after the home visit, particularly to assist with solving issues as they arrive, is wonderful. 
It is the best money I have ever spent in my life. Period.” - Hannah



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