Meet Emma, Our Founder And Auckland Based Baby Sleep Consultant

Meet Emma, Our Founder And Auckland Based Baby Sleep Consultant

Meet Emma, Our Founder And Auckland Based Baby Sleep Consultant

Founder of Baby Sleep Consultant NZ and AUS

Lead Educator for Baby Sleep Consultant Training Ltd.

Call 021 724 362

“Obsessed with sleep” is one of the ways that Emma could best be described – and that’s not just code for someone who likes to lie in late on weekends. For Emma, it’s the scientific side of sleep that gets her excited, with more and more being discovered each year about how important sleep is for our health and our brains.

Any new parent will know the havoc a lack of sleep can wreak – and Emma has been there! As a mother of three, Emma struggled with her own children’s sleep. Back then, such a thing as ‘sleep consultants’ didn’t exist but, armed with her Bachelor of Science in Biology, Emma delved into the research. 

That research turned into solutions that worked, and she knew that other parents would benefit… Seeing a real need for scientific, evidence-based solutions for sleep, Baby Sleep Consultant was born.

Passionate about maternal mental health and believing that sleep deprivation is not a necessary rite of passage for parents, Emma was soon realising her dream of providing accessible, affordable and personalised science-based sleep solutions to parents across the country. In fact, Baby Sleep Consultant quickly became the leader in the sleep space in New Zealand.

Her team of consultants, from various nursing, midwifery and early childhood backgrounds, collaborate and pull together their experience to support parents through any number of difficulties, including various health challenges and colic. From Auckland to Dunedin, and now throughout Australia, Baby Sleep Consultants have worked one-on-one, empowering over 20,000 parents.

Alongside her scientific lens, Emma’s Diploma in Education comes in handy; not only is she teaching parents how to establish healthy habits around their children’s sleep, she’s also training other sleep consultants in 29 countries around the world! As the only Registered Training Providers in Australasia, Baby Sleep Consultant are also ‘The Happiest Baby on the Block’ certified educators.

As well as being the reassuring first port of call for parents at the end of their tether, or those wanting to take a positive and proactive approach to their little ones’ sleep, Emma’s voice can often be heard on the radio and television and through the pages of the newspaper and popular magazines, including her regular spot as the sleep expert for Little Treasures.

When she’s not training consultants, researching, or empowering parents, Emma can be found outdoors hiking with her family in some of the most picturesque spots in New Zealand or –sometimes – with her feet up, painting her nails! 

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While her incredible team are available throughout the country, Emma can be booked directly for consults POI, however a travel charge may apply depending on location.


"Hi Emma,  not sure if you remember me, before xmas we had a phone consult & I was telling you what a poor feeder Jackson was and you recommended thickener and told me to go to a doctor that day due to his poor weight gain/fussiness and demand a referral (as nobody had been listening)? Well I wanted to email you with a massive THANK YOU!!!!!! We had the paediatrician referral appointment at Starship on Wednesday, they ended up rushing him through for testing and admitting him to the Cardiac ward as they found he’s got a serious problem with his heart that is going to need surgery. It’s the cause of all his feeding problems as his heart is working so hard he’s to tired to feed etc, is like running a marathon when he feeds. So at home now with medication trying to fatten him up as he needs another kg for the surgery to be safer! So from the bottom of mine and my husbands hearts thank you, thank you for listening and supporting me to follow my instincts and insist on a referral!! I thought you were amazing and despite everything we still managed to get him in a better routine. Thank you so much for your guidance and advice – I think sometimes we have an idea of what we should be doing but without the guidance of someone who actually knows what they’re talking about it can be difficult to stick with it (self doubt and all that!).  So thank you again – I have already recommended you to friends!”


“Hi Emma!  Eva is now sleeping all the way through from 6.30 to 3/4am on her own, then going down after a feed for another few hours until 6am. For the first time in over 7 months I got a 7 hour stretch of sleep all to myself over the weekend!! Day time naps are great too, with typically a 1h30 hour nap in the morning and a 2h15 nap in the afternoon, no dramas and no more 45min wakeups. So I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the advice and support, and especially for being so respectful and sensitive to my wishes for a gentle approach. It was exactly right for our needs and I feel somewhat vindicated after all the pressure I kept getting to leave her to cry it out.”

Judy and Eva

“Hi Emma, I’d like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, and feel free to put this up on your website of Facebook page. Boy is nearly 1, and has never slept through the night ever.  I blamed it on wind, eczema, hunger, noisy neighbors …  Tried different swaddles, comforters, dummies, white noise, room temperatures…… We spent so much money on different baby products that promised brilliant results, spent time reading different books and tried different techniques.  Night after night we were hoping he would grow out of this ‘phase’ which seemed to last forever. Thank you so much for your advice, it has been just what our family needed. It is amazing what a difference a solid nights sleep can do for us all, Holly is much happier and patient and Mum and Dad are more rested. Feeling much more relaxed and refreshed.”

Bailie, Raymond and Holly

“After a 2 hour broken sleep night we decided enough is enough and we called for professional help.  Emma was calm, confident and knowledgable.  Boy responded extremely well to her techniques. I still can’t believe how much difference one night could make.  He slept through the next night, and every night after that.  He even settles himself at daycare now!  I learnt so much from Emma I am now calm and confident that I have the skills to deal with sleep problems if they surface again.  No more dummy, no more rocking, no more safe t sleep. He is so much happier in general he even eats more as a result!  Me and my husband are so impressed by the changes.  We now have a new baby, and my husband can finally function 100% at work and looks forward to home time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her service to all the mums around me.”


“I cannot begin to put into words how grateful I am for your help with Reagan. As a second time mum I honestly thought I knew how to do it all, how wrong I was!!! I struggled so badly with Reagan and only now wish I had contacted you at the beginning! I have had so many hours of tears and self doubt but I now know that Reagan and I both had the ability to get him to sleep well, we just needed some guidance and the confidence to do it! You have not only bought sleep back to our home but peace, balance and confidence. I feel again that I am not just getting by but loving being a mother to my two beautiful kids, which is no less than they deserve. Thank you for being accessible, affordable, patient and understanding. You have changed our lives. Especially mine and Reagan’s. thank you so so much.”



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