Meet Holly, One Of Our Christchurch Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Holly, One Of Our Christchurch Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Holly, One Of Our Christchurch Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Baby Sleep Consultant, Christchurch

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Hi, I am Holly. I am married to James and we have 2 gorgeous children. Originally from the UK, but absolutely loving our NZ lifestyle.

I have always loved being with and around people and, especially, children. So, a career in education was the most natural path for me to take. I trained at The University of Edinburgh in Scotland gaining an honours degrees in Primary Education. Life with my husband brought us out to New Zealand in 2008 and we have been here and in Australia ever since. I loved working in education which gave me diverse, multi-faceted daily challenges supporting children with a range of personal circumstances as they achieved their individual goals.

In 2012 and 2015 we brought into the world two beautiful children. Freddie proved to be a very challenging sleeper and spirited baby, and, eventually, after a lot of procrastinating, I sought help from Baby Sleep Consultant New Zealand after two and a half years of sleep deprivation. With Eliza, I sought out help after two months: no procrastination this time!

I wanted to stay in education once I returned to work but I also really wanted to help other mothers – to empower them, educate them, and support them. I am a big believer that it takes a community to raise a child and that community needs to hold each one of us up. No one should be alone in the wonderful yet challenging journey through parenthood.

Sleep is not an added luxury in parenthood: it is a necessity, a biological requirement. Through my training with Baby Sleep Consultant New Zealand I can help you and your child find the right path to suit your parenting style and your child’s individual needs and personality.

Oh, and by the way, my own parents mum and dad are so pleased I’m doing this. They say they would have loved this service when I was a non-sleeping baby and toddler!


“We have truly appreciated your assistance and input. You are kind, caring and approachable. We are super happy with having a routine in place for his day naps and VERY happy that we know we can settle him in his cot. I think we had a breakthrough this afternoon (Day 8) as I lay him down for his nap and left him to it- he self-settled and went to sleep- yes!!! The nights I am sure will get better when his ears ease up. We have had several instances of him resettling and have managed to reduce the number of bottles overall. We also know we can keep him in the cot the entire night. In addition he can now just about put his dummy in to settle himself when guided to it. The preschool are also impressed by how easy he is to settle. Thanks again- you are going to be a wonderful Sleep Consultant”

Lisa (Baby 11 Months)

“I really enjoyed the experience having the support from you to keep in there and the sleep assessment to read through when I was finding it hard or had a question. I found the assessment document very helpful. I swear I have memorised it, the amount of times I read through it to double check what I was doing is crazy.I think if I was to try this on my own I would have caved in. There were a few times I could of, but knowing that I could email,text or speak to you if I was struggling made it so much easier.  This is something I will be sticking to. I have seen a major change in Oliver he is a lot more happier hoping in bed awake, he is still finding his own settling techniques but i know he will get there with us encouraging him. I  would definitely recommend you as a sleep consultant to anyone that’s having sleeping problems.”

Letitia (Baby 16 Months)

“After returning from a trip to the UK our 4 month old sleep was very unsettled and we couldn’t figure out how to improve her sleep. After speaking with Holly, we learned that Jessica was not getting enough sleep during the day and that cat naps in the car seat or buggy were resulting in her waking frequently during the night. She relied on the breast to fall asleep and was up and down all night needing resettled. We took on board Holly’s advice and although at 6 months she is still waking once or twice during the night, her day naps have improved drastically, she goes to bed awake and self settles! She is generally a much more content baby! – Suzie  (Baby 5 months)

We met Holly to help with our nine month old who was still waking during the night. We found her very friendly and supportive. We wanted to have a very gentle approach, which she supported. With the ideas and tips she gave us, our nine month old successfully slept through the night for the first time within a couple of days! We would recommend Holly to other parents that are struggling with sleep issues. Thank you. ” 

Emily & Brad

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