Morgan - Auckland Sleep Consultant

Morgan - Auckland Sleep Consultant

Morgan - Auckland Sleep Consultant

Meet Morgan - Baby Sleep Consultant Auckland 

Phone 022 322 8341


Hi, I’m Morgan, and I am based in Auckland.  I am originally from the United States and moved to New Zealand 3 years ago after meeting my partner and deciding to establish roots here! 

I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Family and Human development, as I have always had an enjoyment for working with children.  I have nannied children of all ages for the past decade and quickly realized how crucial sleep is to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle, as well as play an important role in development. 

After becoming a sleep consultant, I have now found my passion of working alongside children and their families to improve sleep for the overall household.  I enjoy creating personalized plans to accommodate each family and encouraging them along our journey of sleep progression!

Testimonials for Morgan

Would highly recommend, we went from waking every hour and half at night to only one wake in less than a week.

My son had never slept for more than 3 hours since he was born (now 11months), and now he can sleep through the night. The support and having someone guide you makes all the difference when trying to improve your babies sleep.” –


We have been working with Morgan for the past few weeks over the phone to help settle our little one.

We have gone from co-sleeping, with our little one waking a lot throughout the night and having to breast feed to settle to Laura sleeping in her cot all night, self settling and sleeping for noticeably longer stints.

Morgan has been awesome, super supportive, professional, and really prompt at replying, giving numerous options to try to find what works best for us.

We were at breaking point with the wake ups throughout the evening and night and general lack of sleep, since having Morgan’s help we are in a much better place and have different techniques to work on to improve things even more.

We would highly recommend Morgan! Thanks so much!!”

- Erin

My 6 months old had a hard time napping and was almost always over tired. I had to nurse her to sleep day and night and it was really hard.

We had lovely Morgan who came to our house and taught me how to settle her without having to hold and nurse her.


Morgan is really gentle, caring, loving and super knowledgeable. She was supportive and gave me a lot of confidence and advice. I couldn't be more thankful. I now finally have some free time during the day to do some work and have a life! Baby now sleep well, plays well and eats well.

My husband is super happy too, he no longer have to walk + hold her to sleep for hours every night

- Jiansi

“I want to say a HUGE thank you to Morgan!

We started working with Morgan when our wee boy Flinn was 4 1/2 months. Morgan was fantastic!!!

She listened to my concerns/goals and she gave me the tools, guidance, advice and more importantly the confidence I needed in myself to get Flinn to settle himself back to sleep and without his dummy!! We now have a great daytime/night time routine.

I would highly recommend Morgan to any other mummies needing help!”

- Liz

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