You gave us back our confidence as new parents

You gave us back our confidence as new parents

You gave us back our confidence as new parents

"Two months ago Cherene helped immensely in changing our lives!

My son, back then who just turned 1 was not sleeping very well.

Ever since I came back from Maternity leave, he’ll be waking or having night feeds for 4-6 times when I come home from work (around 11pm).

It was so hard to function in all other areas of my life because of days/months of broken sleep and yes, sleepless nights.

Upon meeting Cherene, she gave me a different perspective on how to handle my baby’s sleeping routine. Even the sleeping guide and the plan that we agreed on was filled with details and easy steps to follow.

The first day was a mission but we’ve seen immediate result. He managed to have just 2 night feeds & managed to resettle back to sleep on his own.

Cherene was so lovely & easy to work with, I’ve told her and I’ll keep on saying it:


You gave us back our confidence as new parents!

Which is something quite hard to feel when you’re hopeless & dead tired with everything.

Now, he’s sleeping straight 12 hours at night with either a single feed or none despite some bits of regression due to developmental leap, teething, sickness & other transitions (daycare, weather changes, etc.).

At the end of the day, the success of the whole process really depends on you & your partner.

It requires more patience and commitment, if you’re 100% with the whole thing your baby will trust the process.

Funny because we thought we won’t be able to sleep in our own bed for years, now It’s nice to finally feel rested & to know that you’ve actually had a good sleep 🥰" ~ 

Alexa Sioco-Catalan


This is something we talk about a lot with our clients, especially first time parents who are feeling lost and unsure as to why their baby isn't sleeping well.

After working with them, we see this new confidence, they understand their babies cues, and needs. The understand that little grizzle within the context of their babies routine and know whether its hunger or tired. They have the confidence to navigate regressions knowing they have the skills to prevent sleep from completely falling apart.

This is why we leave all our clients with a copy of our online sleep program. We want you to feel supported, and have the information and knowledge to stay on track and figure out any blips that arise in the future.

Progression and consistency 

You'll notice how Alexa talks about the amazing results she got in the first night, the day was difficult (it's never easy changing sleep habits), and this progression is always quickly evident in the first few days. This lets us know we are on track and this is the right approach for you and your baby.

But is is the consistency that has given Alexa the amazing results she has seen over the last 2 months. She has trusted the process and followed through with amazing consistency.

We always go on about this term, but it really is the key to your success. Whether you are working with us privately or on your own using our online sleep program. Consistency will get you through sleep regressions, teething, starting daycare, and busy holiday season. 

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