Spotlight on Kate from Waikato

Spotlight on Kate from Waikato

Spotlight on Kate from Waikato

What do you love most about being a sleep consultant?

Do I have to choose one thing? My favourite part would have to be when you hear back from a mum, either while working with her or a couple of weeks later, and they say “I just can’t believe how happy he is! He engages with his toys, he is eating so much better or he hardly grizzles now” it’s an amazing feeling to know that you have not only helped that mum to figure things out and become more confident, but that they sleep you have helped that baby to get has really benefited his over-all wellbeing.


What is your biggest challenge around being a working mum

Trying to stay with my choice to not put my son into care for his first 2 years. It’s been hard balancing work and time for him, but I am very lucky to be able to work from home and have supportive family in the Waikato that have helped us too. I’m excited now thinking he is ready for some mum free activities and I might have some free time before baby number 2!

Tell me about a recent memorable client?

I think what makes this client memorable was the situation before they started. Obviously we work with parents at all stages of sleep deprivation or readiness for change. This couple new they were ready after dad spent a night driving around for 6 hours, mum was on night shift and with a son who only fed back to sleep throughout the night he was at a loss as to what else to do. So he drove, when his son fell asleep, he would park and doze himself, when his son woke he would start driving again. I loved that story, but at the same time it was such a real example of just not knowing what else to do. Mum was also convinced that her son must be gluten intolerant, why else would he wake so much in the night?!

They wanted a very gentle approach, to go from co sleeping to independent sleep for a 1 year old was a very big transition and took a good two weeks of hard work from both parents. But they managed very gently to teach their son to sleep on his own with no crying it out. They were so patient, calm, and determined, and dad was so supportive, it was inspirational. After 2 weeks he was able to sleep through the night in his own room, and napped regularly. With consolidated night sleep and improved naps, his health improved and he was able to eat normal foods, what a relief for mum to not have to worry about eliminating a huge food group from his diet!


Baby number 2 due in October, does this bring a new appreciation for sleep deprived pregnant mums?

Appreciation or fear? Yes, talking to a pregnant mother last night, I was about to recommend pick up put down, and then imagined myself trying to bed over the cot repeatedly and realised this was not going to be an option! I also really wanted to help her, knowing how tired she is, and how important it is for her to get some rest before she has to be up again in the night with a new born, it is time for her 18 month old to be sleeping through!

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