Toddler’s are fun, energetic and challenging when it comes to sleep problems

When a toddler decides to skip a nap, stop settling at bed time, wake early in the morning, or wake at night, their energy, noise and persistence is next level!

We have to try unique strategies!

  • Start to think like an early childhood teacher,work with your toddler not against them!
  • Positive strategies change sleep behaviours without CIO.

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Toddler sleep strategies….

Many companies will try to treat toddlers like big babies, but we understand that the toddler mind is different to the baby’s, and they are determined wee souls!

To be successful at fixing toddler sleep problems, you need to understand how persistent a 2 or 3 year old can be, how much less sleep they need compared to a baby, and how important nutrition is to the brain of a sleeping toddler.

We focus on positive strategies along side sleep coaching, this gives toddlers a sense of “control” and “importance” and “respect” while we expect compliance at sleep time.

What causes toddler sleep challenges?……

  • Toddlers who drop naps too soon.
  • Toddlers who get sick or travel, hit a regression and form new habits.
  • New siblings arrive and routines go out the window.
  • Pre-school means tired grumpy toddlers and extra separation anxiety.
  • Fear of the dark starts to establish.
  • Learning to stand, run, climb, and need to transition to a big bed.
  • Development of impulse control…or lack of…..
  • Late nights and early starts mean sleep dept accumulates and makes sleep fall apart.
  • Vocalization, potty training, night wondering, night terrors, nightmares, all need to be dealt with in the toddler years.