Baby Milly – 12 months old - Grommets - Gentle sleep story

Baby Milly – 12 months old - Grommets - Gentle sleep story

Baby Milly – 12 months old - Grommets - Gentle sleep story

I know lots of parents of 12 month old baby's, feel like they have missed the boat on fixing their babies sleep, but I promise you its never too late!

Milly was 12 months old, and after a rough start with lots of ear infections Milly got grommets at 11 months old – but the sleep associations had taken root and she had to held to sleep or Mum and Dad had to lie with her while she went to sleep.

Understandably Mum was exhausted when she reached out to us for some help, and she was even skeptical that we could help since Milly was already 12 months old, and her parents felt they had already tried so much with very little success.

Sound familiar?

Mum had tried controlled crying but changed her mind as she didn’t like hearing Milly cry so much.

I agree it is distressing to hear your baby cry, and if this method is not for you, then you will struggle with consistency and while it is world wide the most popular way to sleep train, every family is different and the approach must suit your parenting style. 

Milly had a dummy and slept with a sheet and quilt, so mum and dad had to try to get her to stay under the sheets to stay warm, but every night she wiggled free and woke up frequently cold and upset, dummy lost in the sheets.

Milly’s Mum purchased our sleep guide with online email support, she decided on a gentle approach that enabled her to sit in the room with Milly, and help her find that lost dummy while she learnt fall asleep not being held.

Night 1

Hardly any crying and Milly settling well with her new changes. Mum used a sleeping bag, she tried a sleepytot and some quiet white noise for Milly as well as putting her to bed awake. It took Milly 65 minutes to fall asleep, but she wasn't distressed and mum felt confident she was supporting Milly with these changes which is what she wanted.

Night 3

Mum sent me an email, wondering if she would be able to start moving away from Milly that she was only taking 25 minutes to settle to sleep. I encouraged her to take that step and Milly coped like a champ! She was ready!!!!

Night 7

Milly was a “new baby” according to the parents. She barely grizzled and was settling perfectly for all her naps and at night.

She even slept in until 7:50am which was unheard of in Millie’s house.

"We have just finished using Kelly the Dunedin baby sleep consultant and I couldn’t speak more highly of her and their service.

We were having problems with our ten month old son as he wasn’t sleeping at all during the day. Kelly gave me some really amazing information and techniques to use with Harry and was incredibly supportive and helpful through the whole process. The whole experience was fantastic and we now have a baby who has a morning and afternoon nap of two hours!!!!

This really is life changing and has made the world of difference for us!!!I highly recommend Kelly and the team at baby sleep consultants to anyone having issues." ~ Alexandra Carr

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