Baby Rachel – 9 months old

Baby Rachel – 9 months old

Baby Rachel – 9 months old

Rachel aged 9 months 2 weeks was sleeping from 7pm-7am, she began to wake earlier and earlier – her mum got in touch as she was starting to wake as early as 5.30am and refuse to go back to sleep.

This was disrupting the rest of Rachel’s day time naps, and she was becming very grumpy and over tired by 6pm – and crying at bed time in the evening when previously she self settled without tears.

After a consultation Rachel’s mum implemented her a few tweaks to her nap times, and used my techniques to help teach Rachel to go back to sleep at 5.30am.

The first 48 hours

Rachel was grouchy and still waking at 5.30am. By day 3 this had become 6am, and Rachel managed to wait for her morning nap.

Day 4

Rachel got a cold, and struggled to eat much – that night she woke at 3am for a cuddle, and then went back to sleep until 6.30am!

By day 7

Rachel was over her cold, and sleeping much closer to 7am. Her afternoon nap was re-established and she was not grumpy in the evenings any more.

By day 10

Rachel was sleeping easily until 7am – mum would often hear her call out at 5am – but she quickly went back to sleep, and even slept until 8am some Saturday mornings.

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