Meet Jo, One Of Our Local Auckland Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Jo, One Of Our Local Auckland Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Jo, One Of Our Local Auckland Baby Sleep Consultants

Baby Sleep Consultant, Auckland

Call 021 802 892

Hi I’m Jo, mother to two wonderful and very busy little people. Prior to having babies, I never gave sleep a second thought, it was one of those things you just did at the end of the day. But when my first baby was 7 months my family relocated to South America and I enlisted Emma Purdue’s help before we left as my daughter’s sleep habits had been going rapidly downhill once she was past the newborn stage. I found Emma’s holistic approach to our personal situation wonderful and the whole process incredibly fascinating.

This was when I started to take a real interest in infant sleep and wellbeing outside of my own family.
Back in New Zealand with two under two and a husband who travelled a lot for work, I quickly found that what had worked for my daughter did not work for my son.

I spent many exhausting months trying to keep my head above water strung out and confused about why I was floundering when it was my second time around. It wasn’t until I finally acknowledged I again needed some expert help and outside perspective that things began to turn around and I had the energy to enjoy my children and feel confident I was doing my best at this mum stuff.

I am passionate about now supporting other parents pass on the gift of sleep to their wee ones. Good quality sleep is such a key component to the health and wellbeing of not only your baby but the whole family.

The ‘mum guilt’, the loss of confidence and the stress and anxiety that can arise when your baby is not sleeping can all be pretty overwhelming and impacts the whole household. With the early years in your child’s life being so fleeting I want to help parents enjoy this special time rather than survive it under a cloud of fatigue.
All babies are so special and individual.

Through my own personal experience as a parent and with the knowledge I have gained while becoming certified, I can provide a tailor made approach to address your baby’s specific sleep requirements that will be sensitive to the unique needs of your baby while respecting your personal parenting philosophies.


“Before we got help from Jo, our 15 month old was waking 2-3 times a night and often coming into our bed after midnight as we were just too tired to handle anymore wake ups. It was exhausting to say the least! We knew he could sleep through the night, he used to before he got a bunch of winter bugs, but we were both so tired we didn’t even know where to start! He was needing help to settle back to sleep even in our bed, and although I knew it needed to change I had no idea where to begin.

We saw a positive change within a few days of starting to work with Jo, we got Ethan back in his bed over night, and taught him to self soothe. I feel like the best part was the support Jo gave me, the phone calls checking in as I made the changes helped me to stay consistent and knowing I could ask questions in the morning was very reassuring. Ethan was thriving on his new sleep plan, and I was worried about nothing. I couldn’t believe how quickly he changed, and the huge impact more sleep had on his temperament. I had my happy bubbly baby back!

Jo was amazing, always positive and never letting me doubt myself or the decisions we made together! Thanks Jo!”


“I was that busy working mum who thought my new-born would not impact on my life too much, I thought I would be fine juggling work and a new baby after 4 months. Boy was I wrong! I called Jo after being back at work for a fortnight, and getting 2-3 hour’s sleep a night. Daycare was struggling to settle my daughter Evie for her naps, and she was becoming a nightmare at night.

I was trying to teach Evie to settle on her own, but at the same time keep her dummy, I was so confused! Jo helped me understand Evie’s sleep needs, explained to me about the timing of her naps and how her daycare could help. After a few days I realized I needed to ditch Evie’s dummy or Jo’s plan wasn’t going to work. I began to understand what self soothing would mean for Evie and I embraced the changes that weekend.

My husband and I committed 100% to the changes that Jo recommend that weekend. We picked Evie up when she needed, but we took away her dummy and gave her some space to self sooth. I felt good staying in the room with her, and supporting her as she made these changes.

Jo was a life line of support and knowledge, she re-assured us that day 3 was just a blip in her progress and we needed to continue. I was so pleased we did!!! The change in Evie on day 4 was astounding. She actually started sleeping through the night, and I felt like me old self again!”


“I had Jo’s help when my toddler turned 3 and moved into his big boy racing car bed. He was jumping from his cot, so I knew it was time to make the transition, but he didn’t cope well. He was coming out of his room at least 20 times each night and not settling before 9pm!

Then he started waking at 5am, and this was the final push to get Jo’s help. Jo made Sam understand what we expected of him, and how he would be rewarded when he managed to stay in bed. Her approach to his behavior in the evening was refreshing and confident. She made us believe that it would work, and Sam really responded to her. He stayed in bed that very night!

He pushed back a bit over the week, but Jo’s rules and her plan really made sense and helped us stay consistent with Sam.

He loved his rewards, and we loved the extra sleep! Jo was kind and considerate when dealing with Sam, and incredibly knowledgeable. There was nothing she didn’t know when it came to toddler sleep, I was blown away by her follow up support and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone! ”


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