Sleep deprivation almost made me cancel my wedding

Sleep deprivation almost made me cancel my wedding

Sleep deprivation almost made me cancel my wedding

Let me ask you something? 

Have you noticed yourself snapping at your children/husband/loved ones when you're tired?

I almost cancelled my own wedding due to sleep deprivation....................... that is how much sleep deprivation affects my mood, patience, outlook, and even my love.

I was a new mum, my baby was 6 months old, I was back at work full time, my daughter wasn't sleeping well, my husband was working full time, and we were planning a wedding....our wedding!



We should have been feeling #blessed #livingourbestlife

But I was short tempered, exhausted, sleep deprived and over whelmed.

My entire outlook on life was different. I didn't see how this family we had created would survive based on how I felt, therefore, my logical thought was to cancel our upcoming wedding.

Thankfully someone with more knowledge and experience than me, pointed out that I was sleep deprived.

And I was.

Waking multiple times a night for over 6 months, not to mention pre-baby sleep disturbances, being back at work, it was all too much.

I had no family support where we lived, and only a couple of friends with children who could understand what we were experiencing. 

We didn't know how to immediately resolve the night wake ups, but we could go to bed earlier, and share the opportunity to sleep in on weekends.

Allowing each other 1 day to try to catch up, while we searched for a solution to the night wake ups that were robbing me off my sleep.

These strategies had an immediate positive impact on my mood, my patience, my outlook, and my love towards my family. I had the patience to get started with a very successful sleep plan to tackle the night wake ups, and it didn't seem quite so daunting anymore.

A few nights of sleep training, some nap tweaks, diet adjustments, and she was sleeping through, I was sleeping 8 hours, and our wedding planning was full steam ahead!

I love this quote by Kathleen Berchelmann.....

“Sleep deprivation steals your patience towards your children.  Without patience, apathy and anger easily replace love and gentleness. “ 

This sums up perfectly why I am so dam passionate about helping parents get the sleep they all need and deserve! 

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