5 Must Knows For Better Baby Sleep

5 Must Knows For Better Baby Sleep

5 Must Knows For Better Baby Sleep

Recently I was asked if I could give just 5 tips for better sleep, what would they be.....

Here they are!

  • Watch the clock and the baby. Tired signs can be very hard to read once your baby is on the move, so if your baby over 4 months has been awake for more than 2 or close to 3 hours during the day and you haven’t seen any tired signs, chances are you missed them and they need a nap asap!
  • Have a clear nap ritual, this doesn’t need to be long and elaborate. A quick walk outside to help calm your baby down, then into their sleep space. A sleeping bag, cuddle and song, or story and into bed.       The same sequence of events each time your baby is due to have a nap will create a feeling of trust as your baby knows what to expect when this happens, just like she knows the bib and high chair means food time.

  • Overnight stop, listen and then react. If your baby is over 4 months old, chances are they don’t need to be fed every 2-3 hours. If they are waking this frequently they might just need a chance to go back to sleep rather than being fed. Is their cry a hungry cry, or a tired cry?    Can you re-settle them without a feed? Are they winding down and re-settling themselves?
  • Consider your long term sleep associations, are you happy for your baby to have a dummy/pacifier for 2-3 years? If not ditch it by 5/6 months. If you are then teach them to find and replace their own dummy. Do you want them to have a lovey or cuddly?     Introduce one before 7 months. Are you happy to rock or feed to sleep for a year or more? If not wean off this by putting your baby to bed calm but awake by 4/5 months.

  • Before starting any sleep training do a mental check in….Is this the right time for you? Do you have an issue with how your baby sleeps, or does your mother in law? If you are happy and your baby is happy and thriving then you’re winning! A lot of mums think they have a sleep problem when in fact they are happy with their sleep situation, it’s their friends or family who think it needs to change.

Emma Purdue

Emma is the owner and founder of Baby Sleep Consultant, she is a certified infant and child sleep consultant, Happiest Baby on the block educator, has a Bachelor of Science, and Diploma in Education.

Emma is a mother to 3 children, and loves writing when she isn't working with tired clients and cheering on her team helping thousands of mums just like you.


  • Empowered: Feel empowered as a Mum as you learn to understand your growing baby's needs and cues.
  •  Simple effective settling: Gentle, proven self soothing, evidence based techniques.
  •  Content happy baby and parents: Better sleep creates content babies & happy parents.
  •  Freedom: Predictable routines and longer nights creates freedom. Solve your sleep problems for more freedom.
  •  Work with your babies circadian rhythm: Work with your babies biological clock for faster easier results.
  •  Awesome naps & nights: You'll create consistent naps and nights with our support.


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